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Denison Crew

AClarke Headshot_color  

Alex G. Clarke

Superyacht Broker

Alex G. Clarke grew up in Darien, Connecticut on…

AWilkes Headshot_color  

Alex Wilkes

Florida Yacht Broker

Florida yacht broker, Alex Wilkes was born with…

ALandis Headshot_color (2)  

Andy Landis

Florida Yacht Broker

Andy was born and raised in Indiana where he enjo…

BGlazer Headshot_color (1)  

Bailey Glazer

Marketing Intern

Bailey moved to South Florida in August 2013 to a…

BFicarotta Headshot (1)  

Bennie Ficarrotta

West Coast of Florida Yacht Broker

With his years of experience as a professional c…


Bill Arrazola

Florida Yacht Broker

Bill was raised in New England and spent most of t…

Bill Peterson (1)  

Bill Petersen

California Yacht Broker

A Southern California native, Bill has been inv…

BNichol Headshot_color  

Blake Nichol

Florida Yacht Broker

“As a native of the Florida coast, Blake&…

BCrow Headshot  

Bob Crow

Florida Yacht Broker

With a 24 year career in yacht sales and a multipl…

Bob Denison Head Shot  

Bob Denison


President and Founder Bob Denison literally gr…

Bob Leslie  

Bob Leslie

California Yacht Broker

Bob Leslie has been an active boater in Southern…

Brad Pilz_headshot  

Brad Pilz

CPYB Seattle Yacht Broker

Bradley A. Pilz, born and raised in Wenatchee, W…

BNobles Headshot_color  

Brian Nobles

Florida Yacht Broker

Brian grew up around boats most of his life in ups…

BrNichol Headshot_color  

Brittany Nichol

Yacht Marketing

Brittany Nichol, born and raised on the West Coa…


Byron Shirley

Seattle Yacht Broker

Byron Shirley, a French-American, has been boa…

CRobertson Headshot_color  

Chad Robertson

Florida Yacht Broker

Chad Robertson was born and raised in South Flor…

CBlickle Headshot_Color  

Charles Blickle

Florida Yacht Broker

Charles has been involved in boating all his lif…

CCarricarte Headshot_color  

Charlie Carricarte

Miami Yacht Broker

Charlie Carricarte began his yachting career i…

CKing Headshot_color  

Charlie King

Florida Yacht Broker

Charlie grew up in Ft. Lauderdale after his fami…

CEnfield Headshot_color  

Chris Enfield

Florida Yacht Broker

Chris grew up in Westport, Connecticut, where h…

COllis Headshot  

Chris Ollis

South Carolina Yacht Broker

Originally from North Carolina, Chris has call…

KDenison Headshot_color  

Christopher W. “Kit” Denison

Superyacht Division

Christopher W. (“Kit”) Denison l…

CVanderlely Headshot_color  

Conrad Vanderlely

Florida Yacht Broker

Conrad’s passion for boating and marine life…

DPaolillo Headshot  

Dan Paolillo

Palm Beach Yacht Broker

Licensed Florida Yacht Broker, Dan Paolillo, h…

DSammis Headshot  

Dan Sammis

Florida Yacht Broker

Dan is a Florida native and has salt in his veins.…

Dave Millett HS  

Dave Millett

Newport Beach Yacht Broker

Raised in a boating family in Newport Beach, Cal…

DJohnson Headshot_color  

David Johnson

Superyacht Broker

David joined the Denison Yacht Sales team in 201…

DParkinson Headshot_color  

David Parkinson

Florida Yacht Broker

David grew-up racing sailing-dinghies in Engl…


Denise George

California Yacht Broker

Growing up on Lake St. Clair in Michigan Denise h…

Diane McLaughlin_web  

Diane McLaughlin

Newport Beach Yacht Broker

Originally from Connecticut, Diane started sa…

DPhillips Headshot  

Dick Phillips

Palm Beach Yacht Broker

Since the day Dick’s father stuck a milk c…

DStrong Headshot  

Don Strong

Florida Yacht Broker

Don has over thirty years of business experienc…

Drew Offerdahl Head Shot  

Drew Offerdahl

Yacht Marketing Intern

Drew Offerdahl was born and raised in Fort Lau…

ESul Headshot  

Eddie Sul

Florida Keys Yacht Broker

Florida Keys yacht broker Eddie Sul was born and…

EDenison Headshot_color  

Eddy Denison

Florida Yacht Broker

To say that boating is in Eddy’s genes is an und…

Elizabeth Barden  

Elizabeth Barden

California Yacht Broker

Elizabeth Barden grew up with boating in her fam…


Fred Schmitt

Michigan Yacht Broker

Fred Schmitt grew up in a Harbor Town on the weste…


Gordon Passey

California Yacht Broker

Gordon Passey was born and raised in the United K…


Grant Ninneman

MCY Service Manager

Grant Ninneman was born in East London, South Af…


Jack Graefe

Florida Yacht Broker

Jack brings both boating and extensive managem…

JTelcik Headshot_color  

Jamie Telcik

Superyacht Broker & Marketing Assistant

Jamie was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL…

JRhoades Headshot (1)  

Jay Rhoades

Palm Beach Yacht Broker

Jay was brought up in Richmond, Virginia, spend…

Florida & California Yacht Broker  

Jean-Marie Cabri

Florida & California Yacht Broker

Born in the South of France where sailing is as…

JAnderson Headshot_color  

Jeff Anderson

Florida Yacht Broker

Jeff Anderson was born in the Illinois and into t…

Jeff Lowell  

Jeff Lowell

Florida Yacht Broker

Jeffrey grew up on the coast of Maine learning to…

Jeff Phillips Headshot02-1200  

Jeff Phillips

Yacht Broker

Yacht broker Jeff Phillips has spent over 30 yea…

JSorgen Headshot_color  

Jeff Sorgen

Florida Yacht Broker

Jeff Sorgen began his passion for boating in New…

JMathews Headshot  

Jimmy Mathews

Florida Yacht Broker

Jimmy Mathews was born and raised in Boston, Mas…

Licensed & Bonded Yacht Broker  

JoAnne Gaylord

Florida Yacht Broker

JoAnne grew up in Minneapolis, MN – land o…

JLaundrie Headshot_color  

Joe Laundrie

New York Yacht Broker

Growing up in a small clamming town in Long Islan…

JZammataro Headshot  

Joe Zammataro

West Coast of Florida Yacht Broker

For over 30 years, Joe Zammataro has helped many…

JKeenan Headshot_color  

John Keenan

Florida Yacht Broker

John Keenan was born in Pawtucket, Rhode Island…

John Zagorski  

John Zagorski

California Yacht Broker

John Zagorski grew up in New England and has been…

JPreusz Headshot_color  

Jordan Preusz

Florida Yacht Broker

Florida yacht broker, Jordan Preusz developed…

Jorge Saavedra Headshot Thumbnail  

Jorge Saavedra

Florida Yacht Broker

Jorge Saavedra was born and raised in Havana, Cu…

JPasch Headshot_color  

Juan Pasch

Florida Yacht Broker

A Midwest native, Juan owned several successfu…

JOnofrietti Headshot_color  

Justin Onofrietti

Florida Yacht Broker

Justin Onofrietti was born in upstate New York b…

KGarner Headshot_color  

Keegan Garner

Florida Yacht Broker

Keegan Garner has spent his life on the water. …

KFrawley Headshot_color  

Kevin Frawley

Florida Yacht Broker

Kevin Frawley grew up in Michigan and moved to Fo…

LCrow Headshot  

Larry Crow

Florida Yacht Broker & Captain

After many attempts to bring Captain Larry Crow…


Larry Masterman

Palm Beach Yacht Broker

It isn’t everyone who can find love in the…

LHutton Headshot_color  

Lee Hutton

West Coast of Florida Broker

Lee Hutton grew up boating the waters of Tampa Ba…

LAdams Headshot_color (1)  

Leslie Adams

Yacht Charter Manager

Leslie grew up in Michigan surrounded by the Gre…

Lynette Davis Head Shot  

Lynnette Davis

California Yacht Broker

Lynnette’s passion has always been the o…

MGarner Headshot  

Mackenzie Garner

Yacht Documentation

Mackenzie grew up in West Virginia spending as m…

Marcos Weinstein  

Marcos Weinstein

Newport Beach Yacht Broker

Marcos, born in New Jersey, is the son of Argenti…


Mark O’Carroll

Florida Yacht Broker

Let Mark serve as your international yacht brok…

MBussey Headshot_color  

Mark S. Bussey

Florida Yacht Broker

With 20+ catamarans purchased and sold yearly M…

Licensed & Bonded Yacht Broker  

Mary Balsamo

Florida Yacht Broker

Mary is licensed as a nurse-attorney in MA and no…

MEbeling Headshot_color  

Michael Ebeling

Florida Yacht Broker

Michael is a native Texan who grew up spending ti…

Professional Yacht Broker Mike Hansen  

Mike Hansen

Florida Yacht Broker

Mike Hansen began his love of water while growin…

MKiely Headshot_color  

Mike Kiely

Florida Yacht Broker

Mike Kiely, is originally from the east end of Lo…

Mike Lenneman_web  

Mike Leneman

California Yacht Broker

“The art and science of sailing” was once th…

NHortynski Headshot_color  

Natalia Hortynski

Superyacht Marketing

Natalia grew up on the beaches of Fort Lauderdal…

Nathan Dotson Head Shot  

Nathan Dotson

Newport Beach Broker

A Southern California native, Nathan has grown…

NBruck Headshot_color  

Ned Bruck

Florida & International Yacht Broker

Ned Bruck has extensive experience in yacht sal…

Nereus Dastur_new_web  

Nereus Dastur

C.E.O. Denison New Yachts

An avid sailor who started sailing at age 4 with D…

PQuintal Headshot_color  

Peter Quintal

Florida Yacht Broker

Peter grew up boating on the South Shore of Long I…

ROchoa Headshot_color  

Rafael Ochoa

Florida Yacht Broker

Rafael grew up in a small fishing town in Venezue…

RGreenfield Headshot_color  

Randy Greenfield

Palm Beach Yacht Broker

Randy has a love of boating and the ocean develop…

RGlazer Headshot_Color  

Richard Glazer

Miami Yacht Broker

Richard brings years of boating and a strong bus…


Rick Peters

California Yacht Broker

Rick Peters has constructed, repaired or saile…

Yacht Broker West Coast  

Rob Knudtson

California Yacht Broker

Rob Knudtson was born in Madison, Wisconsin whe…

RRobertson Headshot_color  

Rodney Robertson

Florida Yacht Broker

Denison is a family business and humbly enjoys a…

Madigan Roger  

Roger Madigan

Denison Mexico

From the very beginning, Roger was involved in t…

RSchafer Headshot_color  

Russ Schafer

Florida Yacht Broker

Russell W. Schafer was born and raised in Ft. Lau…

SCarlson Headshot  

Scott Carlson

Florida Yacht Broker

Scott grew up in Holland, Michigan where he star…

SWilkes Headshot_color  

Sean Wilkes

Yacht Marketing Intern

Sean was born and raised in South Florida where h…

SHarris Headshot_color  

Shawn Harris

Florida Yacht Broker

Shawn Harris was born in South Florida. As a chil…

SDenison Headshot_color  

Skip Denison

New Yacht Specialist

In 1948 Skip Denison’s father, after who…


Steve Messenger

New York Yacht Broker

Steve lives and works in New York City and covers…


Steve Smith

Denison Yacht Sales Asia

Steve started to learn to build fiberglass comm…


Thomas Chambers

Yacht Marketing Manager

Thomas grew up in Miami, Florida always spendin…

Licensed and Bonded Yacht Broker  

Tom Hinterscheid

Florida Yacht Broker

Tom Hinterscheid is a 4th generation Pompano Be…

Tom Hugh-Jones HS  

Tom Hugh-Jones

California Yacht Broker

Born in Bombay and raised in England, Tom’s fi…


Tom Myers

West Coast of Florida Yacht Broker

Tom brings his enthusiasm for boating, knowled…

Naples Yacht Broker  

Tony Balsamo

Florida Yacht Broker

Tony brings over twenty five years of business e…

WSharp Headshot_color  

Wiley Sharp

Florida Yacht Broker

Wiley Sharp grew up on the West Coast of Florida w…

Will Petersen Head Shot  

Will Petersen

California Yacht Broker

Will Petersen has dedicated the majority of lif…

“Always a pleasure to deal with.”

Chris was phenomenal when it was my time to upgrade to a different boat.  He helped me sell my Riviera fast, and was able to get me into a new Bertram at a tremendous deal. Chris was with me through the whole process, making sure the communications were followed up with all parties, and took care of unnecessary headaches for me.  His experience and knowledge of the industry is outstanding, and it really showed when my old boat had to be shipped to Australia.  Always a pleasure to deal with. One of the best guys in the industry, hands down!… [read more]

- Alex Nabutovsky // Miami Beach, FL

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