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SeaHunter Bay 24' 2012 - Present 24'6" 8'6" 14"
SeaHunter Tournament 32' 2013 - Present 33'2" 9'10"
SeaHunter Tournament 33' 2017 - Present 33'6" 11'4"
SeaHunter Tournament 35' 2005 - Present 35'11" 11'6" 1'8"
SeaHunter Tournament 37' 2012 - Present 37'10" 11'2" 2'2"
SeaHunter Tournament 39' 2010 - Present 39'3" 11'6" 2'7"
SeaHunter Tournament 41' 2015 - Present 41'4" 12'
SeaHunter Tournament 45' 2014 - Present 45'4" 12' 2'11"


Established: 2002
Located: Princeton, FL
Construction: Fiberglass
Category: Center Consoles
Worth Noting: SeaHunter boats are manufactured in a new state of the art facility (46,000 sq ft.)

Since their inception, SeaHunter Boats have a fishing tournament build, made to run fast and dry in the roughest conditions. This begins at the hull design.

The hull design is perfectly designed for optimal depth finder performance at all speeds. The result is an extremely fast and smooth riding boat born to hunt in the wide-open seas. Everything is designed with performance and owner experience at the forefront.

SeaHunter's hull design is a full padded v-bottom with a stepped transom. SeaHunter hulls are about 10 to 15 percent faster than regular v-bottom or abbreviated hull design (full-stepped hulls). 

SeaHunter hulls are made with 100% vinlyester resin and corecell foam. Components of the boats are bonded together mechanically (thru-bolted) and weld-on. The hull and hatches are vacuum bagged. All open areas and voids are filled with 4lb closed cell marine foam to make the boat quiet and unsinkable. The hardware is all 316 stainless and the fuel tanks are .250" aluminum.

The rigging on SeaHunter boats is one of a kind. The wiring and switches are of the highest quality in the industry.

SeaHunter boats are built to give years of trouble free performance and are backed up by a lifetime structural warranty.

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