A Different Kind of Crew Placement

Often, it can feel like a full-time job registering and managing your crew profiles, so we streamlined the process with an easy-to-use website.

Denison Crew can help you navigate your potential opportunities with an interactive crew profile. We have created a distinct way to help you market yourself during your job search. Are you a chef with an array of food photos or a stew with artistic table settings and flower arrangements? Show off your creativity with a Crew Album or Video Profile.

Meet Jill

Our crew coordinators have either worked on boats or have placed crew on boats, so they understand and can relate with the process a vessel and crew go through. Whether it is up-to-date information about the industry or tips to enhance the overall experience, we are always eager to be your resource.

Jill Maderia

Crew Division

What People Say About Denison Crew

" I am a yacht captain with close to twenty years in the business, I can honestly say that the only uplifting part of looking for a new position in todays economy is your employee Jill Maderia. She has consistently demonstrated a superior customer experience on a regular basis. Jill is a unique employee who goes above and beyond what I have come to expect from other crew agencies.

She sets herself apart with an uplifting smile, a great memory of personal details and a knowledge of how best to increase my odds in a future job offer."

Brian Bouchard
Private Yacht Captain
Miami, FL

What People Say About Denison Crew

" I really love your new job site!  It's stylish, modern and easy to use.  I am also looking forward to participating in future webinars.  Having an active interaction with crew is healthy and positive."


What People Say About Denison Crew

" From first step to last, the Denison Yacht Sales website couldn't have been any more user-friendly. I successfully created a profile under the crew division and applied for a posted position in about 5 minutes. The site is extremely easy to navigate and the layout is visually appealing, giving adequate information."

J. Benjamin Killian

What People Say About Denison Crew

" I'd like to give you guys props on your website! It's so user friendly! I created my profile, I'll add more soon! Everything has been so hectic getting ready for the charter. "


What People Say About Denison Crew

" We just got back from our 2nd extended cruise today. I have to tell you how fabulous Danielle is. Personality, work ethic, everything about her. Thanks for finding her for us!!!"

Les Lerner