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Beneteau Swift Trawler - View in stock models

Beneteau Swift Trawler Beneteau Swift Trawler Beneteau Swift Trawler

About Beneteau Swift Trawler

Built for speed.

Designed to slow you down.

Speed. Isn’t that the point of owning a fast trawler? Other trawlers may deliver that speed through shear brute force, but a Swift Trawler achieves its pace though the perfect marriage of brains and brawn. The end result is speed that’s a joy and oh so easy to live with.

The Hull

The Swift Trawler’s tight, responsive semi-planing hull designed by Joubert & Nivelt can knife through just about any swell and has a turning radius more akin to a speed boat than a trawler. Just open the throttle and the Swift Trawler comes alive.

The Weight

There’s an old engineering axiom: weight is the enemy of speed. This is why Beneteau designers and engineers consider only the lightest, yet strongest materials in the construction of the Swift Trawler. This no-compromise standard means less bulk and more knots without sacrificing the safety or comfort of those on board – all the way up to 26 knots aboard the ST52.

The Engine

Now to the heart of the matter – the engine. While other trawlers cram the largest lump possible into the hull, the engineers at Beneteau know this always causes more problems that it solves. That’s why the hull of each Swift Trawler is designed to work in harmony with its power plant to deliver maximum performance without sacrificing the other necessities you expect aboard a trawler – like comfort and durability.


How Far Can Beneteau Take You?

Operating costs and fuel economy have never been as important when deciding on a trawler. Having the right kind of power plant is important, but the engine is only part of the equation when it comes to true efficiency.

The Drivetrain

Of course, each member of the Swift Trawler family is equipped with the proper engine to deliver maximum performance and maximum efficiency, while leaving the minimum environmental footprint. And to deliver all that fuel-efficient power, four-bladed propellers designed to move the maximum amount of water with the minimum amount of fuel are standard equipment.

The Hull

The Swift Trawler semi-displacement hull is a masterpiece of elegance. Aside from being a real beauty to look at, its graceful lines also allow it to slice through the water with minimum drag even in heavy seas, giving you and your family many more memories per tank.


Beneteau has learned that true optimal performance can only be achieved when the hull is designed with the adequate propulsion in mind. This is why every Swift Trawler hull is the result of extensive water tank tests blended with the most advanced engineering.

We know brute force is not the answer against the elements; therefore, adding horsepower alone cannot be the answer to a swifter trawler.


  • Reduced fuel consumption for greater range at all speeds.
  • Reduced emissions.
  • Planing hull designed, tested and specifically matched according to propulsion.
  • Four-bladed propellers to move more water.

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