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About Catamaran Yachts

Sailing Catamarans: Sailing Catamarans make great cruising and bluewater boats.

Although the principles of sailing are the same for both catamarans and monohulls, there are some enormous advantages to safety and comfort for sailing catamarans.

For example:

  • Level sailing gives greater comfort and is less tiring
  • The danger of falling overboard on a catamaran is considerably less than on a monohull
  • It seems that you do the same activities whether you are at anchor, sailing, or motoring
  • With a catamaran's level sailing, seasickness is reduced significantly
  • A very valuable yet seldom talked about benefit is no rolling in an anchorage
  • You don't have to put away everything every time you start sailing
  • The draft on catamaran varies from 1 to 4 feet depending on whether it has mini-keels or dagger boards
  • 360 degree view you have from most catamaran bridge decks
  • Onboard a catamaran you remain informally connected to the world outside
  • Galley Up layouts make provisioning, serving and cleaning just steps from the cockpit instead of many unsafe trips up and down the companionway; even when in the galley the cook is still part of the party.
  • Because of the large wide deck areas there is a real feeling of space when outside
  • When sailing with three or more people catamarans offer much more privacy as the two hulls, and the suites and heads within them, are far away from each other
  • Catamarans are faster than monohulls and can avoid most serious weather and, at worst, place itself in a more favorable position to avoid the brunt of a storm
  • Catamarans are superior to monohulls in terms of redundancy due to twin engines and twin rudders
  • Better dinghy storage on davits between hulls as well as safer access to the dinghy and watersports

One of the biggest developments over the last decade in the yachting arena has been the rise of the super catamaran: a multihull over 100 feet in length. The emergence of the super or mega catamaran is a relatively new event affiliated to the rise of the mega or super yacht, used to describe the huge growth in luxurious, large motor yachts on the French Riviera, Caribbean and Floridian Coast.

Power Catamarans: A recent development in recreational catamaran history and design has been the introduction of the power catamaran. The 'power' version incorporates the best features of a motor yacht and combines it with the characteristics of a multihull. The hulls below the waterline are typically planning hulls instead of their sailing counterparts that are standard displacement.

Usually, the power catamaran is devoid of any sailing apparatus as demonstrated by some of the top-selling models like the CUMBERLAND 47LC, Lagoon Power 43, Leopard 47PC and the Journey 47LRC to mention a few.

These are becoming an increasingly common sight for the following reasons:

  • They are very fuel efficient due to less wetted surface with the smaller sized engines to a comparable sized motor yacht and a wider stable platform.
  • The incredible smooth ride and extended range
  • Fishing is very comfortable and the ability to back down and maneuver to the fish is easier and faster
  • They are much better than a monohull in a following sea, as a mono will plow into the front wave as they come down, then turn or pitch-pull when they plow into this next wave.
  • Power cats are more buoyant in the bow making them more relaxing to drive in a following sea.
  • Better maneuverability in harbor

Commercial vessels have utilized the power catamaran’s advantages for many years:

Since the 1970s, the length of catamarans increased from some 20 m to catamarans up to 115 m long. The High-speed Stena HSS is the world's largest fast ferry, traveling at a speed of 46 mph, although it is capable of doing over 70 mph. This is not new technology.

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