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Benefits of Catamaran Ownership: Everything You Need to Know

Sarah Nadler | May 9, 2023

Discover the advantages of owning a catamaran.

Catamarans are one of the most-loved options when it comes to recreational boats. Unlike most boats which feature one hull–the bottom “shell” of the boat that lies on the water–a catamaran is a type of boat that has two parallel hulls. A very popular option among boaters, there are many advantages to cruising with–and owning–a catamaran. Besides their smooth ride and laidback feel, these boats are also more fuel efficient and faster than their monohull counterparts. Read on to discover all the benefits of owning a catamaran.


82' McConaghy Boats 2023 catamaran

Due to their two hulls, which offer a wider base and better balance than monohull boats, catamaran boats are recognized for their stability. With a wide beam, the weight and displacement of these boats are better distributed, offering a smoother ride. There is also much less direct contact with the water, which also allows for a more stable ride since the effects of rough seas and waves are felt less. In the same regard, sailing catamarans do not tend to heel the way monohulls do when the wind fills their sails. All in all, a catamaran is better able to remain balanced on the water, regardless of the weather conditions. This makes them a good option for passengers who might be prone to seasickness, as well as families with young children (or older family members)–and generally anyone looking to enjoy a comfortable cruise.

Featured Catamaran: 82′ McConaghy Boats 2023 located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and represented by Denison yacht broker Michael J. Johnson


85' JFA 2018 NDSE catamaran

Due to their lower drag–as a result of narrower hulls–in comparison to monohull boats, catamarans can often reach faster speeds. Another reason catamarans are generally faster is that they are usually lighter weight and also have lower wetted surface area, enhancing their speed. Because of this, catamarans can be a preferred option for cruising and racing. Denison yacht broker Mike Kiely, a long-time broker who knows all about catamarans, adds that, in particular, “sailing catamarans can sail half the speed of the wind, depending upon their angle.” Catamarans have a definite advantage on downwind sailing, especially.

Featured Catamaran: 85′ JFA 2018 NDSE located in Charleston, South Carolina and represented by Denison yacht broker David Johnson


38' Excess 2023 STOCK catamaran

Compared to monohull boats of the same length, catamarans often provide more space aboard. With two-hull’s-worth of space, the interior layouts aboard catamarans can be very spacious, using clever configurations to fit in more staterooms and other perks like extra closet space or a unique workspace. Because of their design, often cabins aboard catamarans have more headroom. The main salon is also often much more spacious than aboard regular monohulls since there is a vast open space across the beam, giving more room to gathering areas and entertaining spaces. All this can be great advantages for big families or a large party that needs more room to roam around onboard–especially for overnight stays.

Featured Catamaran: 38′ Excess 2023 STOCK located in San Diego, California and represented by Denison yacht broker Kurt Jerman


60' Sunreef 2021 GYPSY SOUL II catamaran

Catamarans can often enter shallower waters and anchorages since they usually have a smaller draft than monohull boats. While some monohulls can’t get close to shore–some even needing to anchor out in the water and tender passengers to land–catamarans can usually get right onto the beach. Some of the most fun of cruising on a catamaran is pulling up on the sand and hopping off the side–it’s a big part of the experience. Plus, the ease of access not only is more convenient but allows for more time to enjoy. The shallow draft is a great benefit, especially when traveling to tropical destinations where the closer you can get to the beach, the better. Catamarans can reach remote destinations that not all boats can navigate to.

Featured Catamaran: 60′ Sunreef 2021 GYPSY SOUL II located in Miami Beach, Florida and represented by Denison yacht broker Brian Ragsdale


74' Sunreef 2015 WILDBERRY catamaran

In comparison to monohull boats, catamarans can provide a more relaxing and smooth ride since they are typically less impacted by waves and other choppy sea conditions. As mentioned, this stability adds much in terms of comfort onboard, regardless of whether the boat is power or sail. Passengers can walk around freely and crew can serve with no bumps in the road, literally. Beyond the comfortable ride delivered by catamarans’ doubled-hulled design and wide beam, there are other elements that make these boats so homey. For one, the wide open spaces, like those in the central living area, staterooms, and outdoor areas. Another element is the fact that all staterooms are on one level. This is especially comfortable for families with young children.

Featured Catamaran: 74′ Sunreef 2015 WILDBERRY located in Hollywood, Florida and represented by Denison yacht broker Alex G. Clarke


60' Horizon 2015 SANCTUARY catamaran

With narrow hulls that reduce drag and that aforementioned lower wetted surface, catamarans are often more fuel-efficient than their counterparts because they need less power to move through the water. These boats are known to be money savers when it comes to fuel. Fuel efficiency is an important factor in any boat purchase so this is an essential benefit.

Catamarans are a wise investment for buyers who plan to sell them in the future as they tend to keep their value well over time. For owners, the potential resale value can also be an added bonus when contemplating buying a catamaran versus a monohull boat, as, according to Mike Kiely, “they usually sell faster than monohulls…catamarans have a great resale value and a very low depreciation rate due to their popularity. “

Featured Catamaran: 60′ Horizon 2015 SANCTUARY located in Long Beach, California and represented by Denison yacht broker Steve Beck

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