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Monte Carlo Yachts

Monte Carlo Yachts Monte Carlo Yachts Monte Carlo Yachts Monte Carlo Yachts

About Monte Carlo Yachts

Monte Carlo Yachts presents a new ideal for yachting, packed with concrete values. There are new standards for luxury that are being established around the world with responsibility, sustainability and personality prevailing. MCY express's these values across their range of yachts with bold determination to create a product that is elegant but never extreme, innovative and noble: a classic built for today’s discerning yachtsmen.

The Monte Carlo Yachts vision is to create elegant Italian yachts built in response to the new requirements of the men and women who take to the sea in search of well-being and harmony. To accomplish these goals, MCY turned to true stars in yacht design: Nuvolari & Lenard. With a great deal of planning, collaboration and concept-sharing with the MCY executives, Nuvolari and Lenard produced a special design filled with features and materials that you would see reserved for 30m plus yachts.

But the Monte Carlo concept goes much deeper than a beautiful design. With the support of over 100 years of boat building experience, the Beneteau Group assisted in the development of the most sophisticated – and safest – building techniques inspired by generations real-world research.

A wealth of shared ideas, skills and resources have enabled Monte Carlo Yachts to produce something extremely special. The MCY76 has been declared the most awarded boat of 2011 proving that true collaboration can produce timeless results.

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