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We have some of the best clients on the planet. Here are some of the great things they've said about us.


“Mike Kiely was the only yacht broker that ever got back to me…”

“I’ve recently had the pleasure of dealing with yacht broker Mike Kiely. He took the effort to show me numerous boats and even drove me all the way to Coral Gables to see a Sea Ray. I had some stiff parameters for this boat; Mike did everything in his power to find a vessel that would fit my needs.

I’ve been shopping for over nine months and have been in touch with yacht brokers and boat dealers nationwide. Mike was the only yacht broker that ever got back to me after the first round. I told my wife that in this whole industry he seemed to be the only yacht broker that knew how to sell boats.

I had a Sea Ray dealer tell me that he usually doesn’t sell anything under 44′ and never heard from him again. I never got that feeling from Mike Kiely. I know how hard he tried to meet my requirements and that in today’s world people usually only write to management when they have something to complain about. Well, in this case I felt Mike Kiely should be commended and I wanted to share my experience with you.”

Sea Ray Owner on Mike Kiely