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Excess 11 Wins Boat Of The Year 2021 [Cruising World + SAIL Magazine]

Marina Nazario | December 17, 2020

Beneteau Groupe’s New XCS11 Awarded By SAIL Magazine & Cruising World Magazine.

Cruising World has been testing new boats for its annual Boat of the Year award for over two decades. While the pandemic added hurdles to the logistics of this year’s judging, a fleet of a dozen nominees stepped up for sea trials in Newport, Annapolis, Fort Lauderdale, and St. Petersburg. In the end, one small but mighty catamaran blew the judges away: the Excess 11 won Cruising World’s Overall Boat of the Year 2021. It was also awarded Best Boat by SAIL Magazine for 2021.

This year, the panel included longtime BOTY judge Tim Murphy, CW Editor Mark Pillsbury, and CW Executive Editor Herb McCormick. Throughout the sea trials, the judges noted common themes among the fleet of nominees, including incredible sailing performance and strategic use of working and social space. Yet the judges were convinced that the thoughtful, pleasant, workable, and innovative design and layout of the new 37-foot Excess 11 was award-worthy.

The judges were blown away when they embarked on their sea trial of the Excess 11. They noticed that no other nominee did so many things as well as the XCS11, especially how appropriately it used space. They also appreciated the navigation ­station, convenient galley, expansive owner’s cabin, and effective cockpit.

“This is the second-least-expensive boat in the whole contest, and I think that’s really important. I think within the broad theme within the whole fleet—I’m not separating monohulls and multihulls—is that delineation of working stations versus social stations for the outboard space,” said Judge Tim Murphy in Cruising World magazine. “And it’s very easy to move back and forth between the helms on the Excess, much easier than the big HH 50 cat, which is much more high-tech. So, I think broadly, on that whole big theme this year, which is how all these boats handle their working spaces and their social spaces, this Excess 11 does it best.”

The XCS11 possesses an aggressive personality that breaks the norms of traditional sailing cats. Her character, refined lines, elegant proportions, and perfect balance let her stand out from the crowd. Contact Denison yacht broker Wiley Sharp to learn more about this award-winning boat, including her impressive features and incredible sailing performance. The Excess 11 is for sale with Denison Yachting in South Florida and California.

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