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Beneteau Gran Turismo 32 Highlight [Boat Review + Video]

Marina Nazario | March 24, 2021

Explore this GT 32 for sale in Fort Lauderdale, Tony Smith gives a tour of this vessel.

Hello there, this is Tony Smith with Denison Yachting and today we’re going to take a look at the 2021 GT32. This is a brand new boat. This is the first one we have here in the US. We’re really excited to show you around.

The first thing that you need to know about the GT 32 is this is the perfect day boat. It’s got a lot of really unique features including the large hardtop. It has a lounge area in the back that can be either a large sunpad or it can be a dining area.

There’s also an aft-facing exterior galley that has the large sink, electric grill and cold storage. Another area that might stun you is what we find below decks. Down here we find a large salon area that can be converted either into a bed or into a seating area. Additionally we have a fully enclosed bathroom that has a separate shower area and there’s even an enclosed cabin with sleeping accommodations in the aft.

So here on the transom what you’re going to notice is we’ve got these 300 horsepower Mercury Verado motors. These motors are awesome. They’re very very efficient, they’re quiet because they’re not supercharged although we can offer you the 350s in the supercharged version. Additionally, a lot of people love these boats because now they have full joystick control of the boat. So basically these motors will individually articulate, so you can drive this boat sideways with the outboard motors.

Now what you’re going to notice is I’ve got plenty of room to walk around this area. This boat actually features a swim platform and extension on the transom, so you can easily get in and out and actually get through this whole area very nicely.

Here we’ve got our shore power connections that’s for our regular AC power as well as our air conditioning power. A nice feature at the transom is this swimming ladder that is easily accessible and stows away so there’s no tripping hazards here.

On the starboard aft what you’ll see is we’ve got a fuel fill, hot and cold shower as well as an emergency bilge pump. So in the cockpit area what really stands out is this table in the up position you have full seating around this. One of the really innovative things about this boat is we can lower the seat back down to form the full sunpad area here. This area is easily transformed into a daybed when we lower the table down and we put the filler cushions in.

Underfoot you’ll notice we’ve got a nice hatch that when pulled up exposes a large storage area. Because the GT32 is offered as a inboard or outboard version, in this case we gain a lot of storage area. In addition to an abundance of storage, forward centerline we find the generator. Forward in the cockpit midship on the starboard side, we find a summer galley. This has a nice faucet that will fold down as well as an electric grill, cold storage and additional storage area underneath.

In addition to the aft seating, facing forward we have four really really nice bolstered designs. On the starboard side we’ve got two chairs for the helm and then on the port, we’ve got a bolstered seat here so we can have 4 people all joining the captain. Outboard of the seating area you’ll notice we’ve got a really nice window here that easily slides open. This is great for a couple of reasons – you get plenty of ventilation as well if you want to talk to people on the dock or even hand them a line, you’ve got really great access from the helm and from the port side.

Now we’re going to take a look at the helm. I love this helm. This has everything that I need here, really really easy to access. You know with the bolster design I can have these seats up, I can be fully standing, I can walk around. As far as the controls found here just forward of the traditional action throttle, I’ve got a joystick. So i can easily pivot and rotate the boat around as well as I’ve got sky hook that’ll keep the boat in a fixed position if you want. Directly above the joystick you’ll notice the mercury engine display.

This gives me all of my data that I need about the motors and this is networked to the larger Garmin multi-function display. We’ve got Lenco trim tab controls here as well as all of the switches that I need for electronic control. To the left of the dash, I’ve got my side power bow thruster.

Additionally, I’ve got two air conditioning vents and then just below, I’ve got a Garmin vhf that’s easily accessible. You’ll note that this wheel can be tilted, so it can be adjusted to the appropriate angle that I want. Last but not least, I’ve got my controls for the electric hardtop. Check this out – it easily opens up very very quickly, so I can get some sunshine if i want or I can close it up to protect myself from the weather.

Something I’ve not seen in other boats is on the port side, I can easily walk through. You’ll notice this opens up directly here and then the very solid windshield easily opens up. This gives me a nice walkway that’s safe for kids and adults alike. Now that we’re on the bow, you’re going to see my favorite feature of this boat. We’ve got a really huge sunbed here. We’ve got a sunpad for 3 people. You’ll note you’ve got armrests that fold down with integrated drink holders. You’ve got a high gunnel on this boat as well as a stainless steel rail. So if you have a pet on board, you don’t have to worry about that.

On the side of the boat you’ll notice I’ve got some nice cleats here that can be used for fenders as well as I’ve got a channel and an attachment point that can slide wherever you need an appropriate fender. At the bow of the boat you’re going to notice a couple really cool things. This boat flares out. That means I’ve got room for drink holders, speakers as well as a very generous chain locker. All of your ground tackle is easily accessible from this molded hatch. Below you’ll see we’ve got a nice sized chain, a Lewmar windlass as well as a 16 kilogram anchor.

Stepping down inside, we first enter the main cabin what you’ll notice here is we’ve got an area that can either be a lounge or bed and then also has a pop-up table. This area is awesome for hanging out or for eating a cooked meal and the view out the port side windows doesn’t hurt either. This area features a surprising amount of storage. Down below we’ve got storage hatches as well as up above, we’ve got airline style storage.

Turning our attention to port, you’ll notice we’ve got a large hanging locker and just aft of that we’ve got additional storage, a hidden microwave and a refrigerator. Aft on the port side, we’ve got a dedicated cabin that features a sleeping area and storage. So you’ll see you’ve got plenty of room to get away for the weekend.

The final feature i want to point out is on the starboard side. We’ve got a completely enclosed head that has a separate shower area, bowl sink and electric head. The final thing we’re going to talk about is performance. This boat performs so well today. We had a top speed of about 42 miles per hour that’s right on the edge of 37 knots. Our most efficient cruise is at 4000 RPMs and that’s 28.5 knots giving this boat an attractive range and low fuel consumption. One impressive feature from Beneteau is air step technology. This gives us great performance across the line and at all cruising speeds. Air step technology induces bubbles and reduces surface friction.

This is going to wrap up our tour of the Beneteau GT 32. On behalf of myself, Tony Smith and the rest of the team at Denison Yachting, thanks for checking out this boat. If you’d like to see her in person, please feel free to reach out to me directly at the information below.

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