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95′ Pearl Yacht Highlight [Boat Review + Video]

Denison Yachting | April 29, 2021

Take an extensive tour of the 95′ Pearl Yacht in Dania Beach, Florida with Ryan Alexander.

Hey everybody, this is Ryan Alexander with Denison Yachting. I am walking the dock behind our Dania office as I make my way to the boat I have the privilege of taking you on a walkthrough of. At 95 feet, the Pearl 95 is an awesome super yacht that has a ton going on.

It has all the things you love about the smaller Pearl series, which you may be familiar with. The 95, which you may not be familiar with because it is the queen of the fleet, has a ton of great super yacht features. Everything oversized, ready to take on the open water. I’m going to make a quick lap around the boat, tell you a couple things that I like about it, and then we’re going to get today’s walkthrough started.

The Pearl 95 has a 4-cabin 5-head layout that accommodates 8 guests. At this size and with these guest spaces, the yacht makes a loud statement in terms of style and layout. The most special place on board I’m going to get to in a few minutes but is up here on the bow. You have three different tiers between seating area for the dinette, some lounging and then you’ve got your ground tackle and mirrored windows that look down into the master, which is really awesome. 

There are two options as far as the master is concerned with Master 1 being located on the main deck. Master 2 which we’ll take a look at toward the end of today’s walkthrough is found on the lower deck and has a completely different layout. Something that makes this Pearl different than most of her peers is found in the interior with no better example than her full beam salon. You’ll also see that the entirety of the yacht’s blinds and shades are electric and this gives guests full control over what kind of mood they want to enjoy themselves in. 

Pearl 95 salon

And then another thing that I love is that this boat has a raised pilothouse. The addition of this sleek and modern take on a traditional yachting space is central to the imposing look of the 95. By placing it, almost exactly midship, this allowed for generous deck spaces that are sure to wow the entire family.

Another great feature of the exterior are the full walk around side decks to port and starboard. These lead past massive installments of reflective glass that feel inspired and add an exclamation mark to the experience on board. One last thing I’m going to show you here on the main deck is how well lit it is. For example, on the aft deck there’s a three three-piece sunroof above the guest sitting space. This perfectly complements the fishbowl salon that I’ve already touched on. And then the theme continues into the breakthrough design of the on-deck master and seam to fill every space with life.

We’re going to start our walkthrough at the top of the flybridge staircase where you first feel the full volume of a yacht that’s been perfectly fit with a world-class sundeck. Up here, it’s easy to see how much space Pearl left on the blueprint for a creative and well laid out upper deck. Looking first to the aft, we have an observation deck that wants for nothing. Here you have enough space for a handful of friends to congregate, or you can lay out in the sun on one of two loungers.

Pearl 95 flybridge

An exceptional example of the bold glasswork I just touched on is seen all of the way aft where a safety rail is mounted along with a plate glass panel. Located just forward of this and perfectly placed to share the view, we have a step up centerline Jacuzzi where you can unwind with four or more guests. Just outboard of the Jacuzzi there’s a sunpad where two can lay side by side and catch up.

The sun deck of a 95-foot yacht is going to have a lot going on and a challenge for Pearl was how to make such a big space both stylish and versatile. And one of the ways they did this was by adding a retractable sun awning integrating it into the overhead. Combine this with the electric sunroof found forward and the hardtop and the entire space is usable virtually year round in the Caribbean. Another thing I want to point out about the hard top is that this is where we find the Furuno radar as well as the satellite domes to keep you connected when you’re at sea. As great as it is that you can cover this entire area up with shade, the really special aspect of the space is what it’s like to be up here when the sun is shining through and everything is all lit up. The area that benefits most from this design is what we find midship. 

First, we see the port side seating. This oversized seating area is swallowed beneath the hard top and is an area well suited for large gatherings. This is located right next to the upper level’s wet bar that comes fully loaded with a sink, isotherm ice maker as well as a stainless refrigerator. After you get a refill on your drink, you can join the festivities that are taking place adjacent from here at the al fresco dinette found to starboard.

portside exterior of Pearl 95

Tying in with this area of the flybridge is a 55-inch TV that hides away electrically when you’re not using it. The TV rests just behind the final area on the fly bridge that we’re going to take a look at  — the upper helm. If it weren’t for the amazing design of the pilothouse which we’re going to take a look at in just a minute, I would say that this is the primary helm. It’s loaded with the most modern of electronics and everything you need to run the boat is found here. Facing the wheel are twin helm seats that are comfortable adjustable and are up high enough that you have a great view in all directions. Here at the upper helm, the captain has access to a side power bow and stern thruster, Humphree interceptor trim tabs and an intuitive Aventics joystick.

Wrapping up on the flybridge, we next see that moving forward and center line there’s a glass door which when open leads down into the raised pilothouse. This is where we’re headed next. Stepping inside this space elicits a response. The most impressive feature of the wheelhouse are the huge windows found forward and overhead eliminating any issue with visibility. These windows are equipped with an optional blinds pack that block out the heat when the boat is sitting. When underway, there’s a raised settee to port, with a companion table that can easily slide around. This is a great place to sit with the captain or with the crew and go over the day’s plans.

Now I want to break down everything that we see here at the helm. I got to be honest this is one of the more intimidating areas of a boat for me typically, I’m not a captain but when I first saw this I was blown away at the simplicity of it. Basically, everything here works around six touch screen monitors. So you can arrange these in any way that you want. You’re not limited to just one screen being your GPS or chart plotter. 

Pearl 95 pilothouse

So we’ve got a time zero navigation system up here on the port side. Center line we’ve seen overview of the vessel. So here, we find whether our generators are on or off whether or not we’re hooked up. To shore power we can see all of our fuel levels, water levels, things like that. Then we’ve got our camera system and the thing that I like the most about this camera system is say we wanted to see what was going on in the engine room, you just tap Engine Room and there it is. 

This is your thumbnail layout for all the cameras on board. On monitor 5 here, we’re taking a look at our AC and DC shore power but to change from you know say AC/DC to water, you can look at your bilge pumps, you can look at your engine data, pretty awesome. And then over here to the port side we’ve got an engine monitor, we’ve got our Humphree trim tab control as well as a Furuno autopilot. Then looking over to the starboard side we’ve got our engine throttles right here, control our CAT engines as well as a joystick, got a nice leather wheel here, if you got to run a boat, this is the place to do it.

Whether you’re running the yacht from a futuristic raised pilothouse or from the open-air helm there’s a list of things to love about how this boat operates and performs. When you combine the simplicity of the ship’s control systems and the visibility offered by massive panoramic windows, you are bound to have a happy captain. As you’ll see throughout the rest of the boat, Pearl has placed the needs of the boat’s crew high on the list of priorities.

Part of this design includes full walk around side decks on both sides of the yacht. As these walkways continue forward, they move past some of the most impressive glasswork in this class. A subtle aspect of this design is most well appreciated when seeing it from the salon and these are the transparent gunnels. This is the same glass used up on the flybridge aft. As the gunnels lead forward, they turn into an overbuilt safety rail that surrounds the foredeck. Combine this superyacht layout with the fact that you’re high above the water line and this area becomes surreal.

Once up here, you can divide the foredeck into three notable areas. First, we have a seating area just in front of the pilothouse windshield. This lounging space is made complete with a long cocktail table that gives you a place to lay out an hour or two’s worth of food and drink. A nice bonus feature of this area are the carbon fiber poles that can be quickly moved into place as they hold up a sunshade. And then for after the sun starts to go down these lights pop out of the deck bringing a whole new life to the area.

Pearl 95 galley

From here looking forward, you note the stadium style arrangement of the foredeck as we make our way forward where we come to a pair of sunpads arranged side by side. After a long day in the sun, you can bring out a few blankets and set up a projector and a screen for movie night. Teak leads forward underfoot to chandelier stairs that bring you down to a bench seat with reflective glass panels along the aft. Rounding out the bow, our twin Lewmar V8 hydraulic windlasses that draw a pair of stainless steel anchors.

Now we’re going to head aft on the port side we see the side deck. Directly ahead, the bottom of these steps here, we’ve got our access into the galley. I also want to point out: look how high the safety rail is here. I’m 6’2” this comes up above my elbow; anybody would feel safe heading forward or aft. And then as we reach the end of the companionway we have the engine room access door.

When we step down into the engine room at the foot of the ladder, we see the amount of space offered to the engineer. Let’s first take a look at her twin C32 CAT engines which combine for a total of 3850 horsepower which draw fuel from a 10,000-gallon tank system. With these CATs, this 95 has a max speed of 24-knots and she comfortably cruises at 20 knots.

In addition to a headhunter sewage treatment system, we also have a handful of other important machinery such as a sea recovery XL 2200 water maker to port that fills a 1600-gallon fresh water tank. There’s also a fire suppression system and the guts of the side power bow and stern thruster hydraulic system. Looking aft, we see the two Kohler 35 kilowatt generators that run the boat when you’re away from the dock. These are found on either side of a sea keeper SK gyroscopic stabilizer. And then finally tucked in in the starboard aft corner is a Glendinning Cablemaster as well as an AC shore power converter.

Some of the best design work found on the Pearl 95 is seen at the stern. The imagination that went into this area is obvious the second that everything is opened up and put in its right place. First, note the hydraulic passerelle on the starboard side. This is a primary access point to the yacht when you’re docked stern to in areas of the world like the French Riviera. The controls for this and other features are found just a few steps up on the starboard side. From here you also can control the hydraulically raised transom door that opens to reveal an elegant and enticing beach club. The garage can easily store a jet ski or an inflatable rib. The water toy gets stored on the storage rack that glides along a set of custom rails that move out to the end of the swim platform. 

Even the platform itself is hydraulic and in just seconds drops below the water line converting the space into a next level beach club. There’s also this unique set of steps on the port side to transform into place as the swim platform plunges into the water. If you’re inclined to sit out here in the sun after taking a swim, you can shower off on your way back up towards the garage. This removable carbon fiber boom is attached to the deck providing fresh water to a warm shower. As if all of this wasn’t enough, pearl has added these dropdown wings on both sides of the stern. Like the other heavy duty features found in this area, even these outboard platforms are hydraulically actuated. When they’re closed up and the boat is underway, you see how well the platforms blend in with the 95’s futuristic profile.

Pearl 95 view of stern from above

Normally a yacht’s aft deck is all about the alfresco dinette and everything else is secondary. But the 95 has an aft deck that’s all about the small things. Let’s look at some of those things starting at the dinette. This area has an adjustable teak table with a large U-shaped transom seating area that wraps around it on three sides. What makes this area different are the skylights included into the overhead that lets sunlight pass through the flybridge soul. This ambient light from the overhead completely changes the way the aft deck feels. Another aspect of the overhead to point out is the CCTV camera system installed throughout the yacht offering security and some extra eyes when the boat is being moved around the dock. 

Outboard to both port and starboard is raised deck gear that includes a Lewmar C6 hydraulic cap stand to each side. Next to these mooring winches are the cleats that the crew ties off to. While the crew is manning lines, the captain also has a great set of tools in their hands with this aft helm offering a full complement of yacht controls including an Aventics joystick. And for those times when you’re not Med-moored when you’re docking port or starboard to, there are doors that offer access to the aft deck through a pair of entry gates. When entering from here you can head forward towards the bow, aft to the swim platform or to the flybridge from the aft deck. The molded steps of the flybridge staircase have teak treads, the same sole covering every inch of the exterior decks on every level.

Inboard of the stairs and protected from the wind is a wet bar that provides a bit of scale to the area. This is a fully loaded wet bar with a two-tier bar top, sink ice maker and refrigerator — everything you need for a great evening of entertaining can be found on the aft deck.

The salon is accessed through a floor-to-ceiling electrically sliding door. When this thing opens up, the first thing you notice is that you have a separate space where your bartender can stand, nothing gets interrupted but you’ve got this awesome starboard side offset entrance into the salon.

Pearl 95 galley

If you were to ask me, this is where Pearl leaps over all industry expectations. They belong there with the other exceptional names that come to mind as the builder has jumped from motor yacht manufacturer to super yacht disruptor. Her sleek interior was designed by respected Kelly Hoppin who gave this yacht life and variety. Similar to that feeling of stepping into the dark wheelhouse with windows on all sides, the salon uses electric blinds to reconfigure the mood of the space at the touch of a button.

In the aft section, we have a living area with seating offset to the port. This includes a pair of arm chairs and an aft facing sofa. This seating is opposite the salon’s upgraded 65-inch TV that is best used with the blinds and shades in the closed positions. Closing this area up transforms the space by highlighting the modern overhead lighting.

In the forward, half of the salon is where we find the formal dining. Heading forward of the formal dining brings us into the galley. The idea in here was to make the galley as adaptable as possible allowing you to easily make changes in the area. Outboard is a durable countertop, a deep sink basin and a 5-burner ceramic cooktop. The sink sits right next to a side deck access door that I pointed out when we left the bow. In board, we’ve got a Miele oven, a microwave and a wine cooler and below these are two temperature controlled cold drawers.

Forward in the galley is a floor-to-ceiling refrigerator/freezer located where the L-shaped countertop ends. And finally, I really like this power solution featuring outlets that hideaway into the counter and raise easily whenever power is needed.

layout of Pearl 95

So wrapping up in the galley, we’re going to head down to centerline staircase and check out the crew area next. On boats this size, there are a lot of trade-offs for what you can accomplish. In different spaces of the boat, the crew area usually is one of the first to suffer, I love that you have this big common area here. You’ve got this L-shaped dinette, expandable table and you’ve got a TV for your crew.

And looking the opposite direction we see a Miele washer and dryer, that means that after you pull the clothes out of the dryer, you can fold out this table. Over here, you’ve got a place to fold your laundry. This boat sleeps five, the captain’s cabin is found first over here on the port side. She’s got a berth, plenty of storage on the aft side and then a private ensuite head with shower.

And then stepping back into the hall, we see that there is another one of these control pads on the wall. This is the same thing that we saw at the helms, we can check out all of our engine data, bilges, we’ve got our checklist for when we get back to the dock, things to check on, electrical all sorts of things. And then forward in here, we have the two remaining crew cabins, each of these has a bunk configuration and they share a head which has access found in the hallway.

Now we’re going to leave the crew area and we are going to take the staircase back up through the galley and head over to the main foyer. You see that there’s a pocket door, it separates the galley from the formal dining space right here, really easy access for your crew and then we step over here to the starboard side where we’re going to pass through the main foyer. On our way to the master, the first thing we see here on the port side is a staircase that leads down to three guest accommodations. You also have the wheelhouse which you’ve already taken a look at which is just opposite the side access door. Furthest board in the foyer is a cool little day head in here, comes in really handy when you’ve got all your guests on board. And then we step into the master itself.

When we started today’s walkthrough, I talked about how well-lit the main deck was. The final example of this is found here at our next stop – the on-deck master stateroom. Boasting a full beam and some extra attention from the pearl design team, the owner’s suite is the final piece of the main deck trifecta. Both the placement and number of windows in the master is the first thing of note. Eight windows across the front are more than enough to light the space. But it’s the electric blinds that make this space sing. Then you also have the hull side windows that serve as amazing accent lighting.

Pearl 95 master

Over on the starboard side of the berth there’s a long row of storage arranged below the windows in the hull and the superstructure. On the forward end of this storage is a vanity that’s more likely to be used as a desk to fire off a few emails from. There’s even a convenient cat cable connection to get you wired access to the data network. The primary and proper desk space will most likely be commandeered now and then on the nights when you’re entertaining and getting dressed up. The size of this vanity and its proximity to a large wardrobe, make a great space for getting ready.

Looking over to the port side of the master, we see another set of sharp details like the leather drawer pulls found on all of the cabinet and drawer faces. The white of the handles continues throughout the seating area that’s separated by a reading table. A hidden feature is the TV that electrically raises by way of a Crestron media system. The media experience continues into the overhead where a nearly invisible sound system is mounted into a vibrant white ceiling. A few other functional elements of this space are the clever and minimal system for organizing light switches and there’s even a central vacuum system for use by the crew. The hookup for the vacuum is just outside the master ensuite.

This ensuite is a great example of how much you can do with a space without cluttering it up. In here, four distinct areas are combined including a vanity, a glass shower stall and seating area and a Jacuzzi tub.

Now that I’ve shown you the master where you will be sleeping, I’ll show you where your friends will be staying on your next adventure. You’ve got this staircase midship that leads down. I’ve already pointed this out. But it’s worth noting you’ve got carpet on top of the treads, adds a little bit extra sure-footedness. You’ve got this heavy duty stainless over here and you also have this mirror that creates an awesome effect when you’re heading down where you next arrive in the lower landing.

The lower landing is awesome for a few reasons. First and foremost, it looks incredible in here. Small detail that I love — I love that all of the wood planking runs horizontally gives it a bit of a classic boat feel. When you’re down here, you’ve got two staterooms that we’re going to come back to that are mirrored. But aft you’ve got the VIP that takes up the full beam of the boat.

Pearl 95 master bath

In the Pearl literature, this luxurious and oversized suite is donned the second master stateroom and it’s easy to see why. It even shares some of the same details from the lighting to the amenities. It’s understandable that some guests may find the seclusion and calmness of this cabin preferable to the vibrancy of the on deck master. Another example of the twin master symmetry is the seating area for two off to the starboard side. I like that Pearl went with these movable chairs over here as opposed to a settee.

After the seating area is the ensuite with ample size and finished in stone. Again, because this guest suite takes up the full beam of the boat it would be easy to see why someone would want to make this the primary master stateroom. There’s an elegant combination of storage, style and function that all work together throughout the space to create inviting features like this vanity. I also love that there are opening portholes and all of the guest accommodations allowing you to keep the lower cabins fresh and inviting.

Leaving the second master, we’re going to go check out the two remaining guest accommodations that rival any twin cabins in this size range. The only spaces we haven’t covered are these two remaining accommodations which are found forward in the lower companionway. The first of these two mirrored cabins has a layout that allows for two beds and a sizable footprint. Facing aft from here, we see a TV that’s right next to a large cedar lined hanging locker. This hanging locker is located just outside of the ensuite.

Stepping out of the port side ensuite, we’re going to cross the hall, take a look at the mirrored version of the last stateroom we looked at. It is identical in virtually every single way. So what I want to do in here is tell you a few things that you’re going to find in every guest accommodation as well as in most of the guest spaces. In some way shape or form, all of your lights are controlled in one place in each room. So you hit this right here, it says ALL ON. I’ll turn on every light in the room. You can turn off things as you wish. ALL OFF powers down the whole room. And you’ve also got control over your blinds. You just touch that button, your blinds can raise or lower depending on if you’re waking up or going to sleep. 

There are also a couple great little storage options. I’ve got storage in between the bed, you’ve got these little nooks out here. But what I want to point out is that you have an Ethernet hookup here just like up in the master. You also have an outlet exactly where you need it.

aerial view of Pearl 95

If you’re plugging in your phone, it’s just going to be right off there to the side or if you’re going to knock out some emails, hook up to the internet, make that happen and all of the guest spaces have Crestron control. In the master, it’s in the form of an iPad as well as one of these. But you’ve got control over all of your sources. So it’s that easy, hit source one, your TV comes on and everything works for you. So you’re not going to be doing too much guessing.

You’ve also got really great reading lights. What’s awesome about these, they turn on and off automatically. You just lower it down and raise it up depending on what you need. Another really great feature that I like are the doors here. You’ve got a stainless inlay the whole way up and down, it adds to the weight, the heft of the door when you close these doors, they close for good. 

Every cabin has an ample amount of storage in it as well as an ensuite. One thing you’re going to find in every ensuite, it’s one of these. A heated towel rack, then you’ve got a full shower. This is again the smallest of the cabin configuration. So this is going to be as small as the showers get which is still really sizable. And in the vanity another feature I love are the faucet handles. Never seen these before, these look incredibly cool.

And I forgot one thing, we’re going to leave here, we’re going to pass back into the VIP stateroom. I want to start by pointing out: look what this bed does. How this bed radially wraps around, really cool design feature. But you also notice that you’ve got light underneath the bed. Something I want to point out is that all of the lighting in this boat for the most part with the exception of a few LEDs found overhead. It’s all ambient lighting. That means that the light is coming directly from the bulb and hitting some other source before it hits your eye. Obviously, on a boat like this, that’s all about great lighting, it’s all about the electrical system and the use of windows which is something that Pearl knocked out of the park.

Pearl 95 cruising along

So there you have the 2020 Pearl 95. I hope that you were as blindsided by this boat as I was this morning, when we took her out for a sea trial, got a great first impression. Love to know what you think. If you have any questions about this boat, if you’d like listing information or to get on board and see her in person, you can shoot us an email, give us a call we’d love to set that up for you. On behalf of everyone at the Denison team in our offices, myself Ryan Alexander, thanks for joining me for today’s walkthrough. Look forward to the next time. 

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