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First Herman Pundt Award Given at 2022 Newport Charter Yacht Show

Sarah Nadler | August 12, 2022

The all-new Herman Pundt Best Yacht Hop Award made its debut at this year’s Newport Charter Yacht Show, in memory of the late beloved charter yacht manager and broker.

Held annually at the Safe Harbor Newport Shipyard in Newport, Rhode Island, the Newport Charter Yacht Show is an impressive four-day event in the yacht charter realm, where charter yachts of all shapes and sizes are displayed along with all the goods and services related to the business. Organized specifically for professionals in the field, the likes of yacht brokers, yacht captains, and yacht owners cruise over to this event every year. This year’s Newport Charter Yacht Show, held in June, was even more notable for both the Denison team as well as many yachting professionals throughout the industry…as it marked the debut of one special, all-new award.

The late Herman Pundt was a remarkable force in the charter yacht industry.

The final award of the ceremony on the last night of the show was presented by Lisa Verbit–nicknamed by Herman as “his Lisa”–and Jennifer Saia of Denison. They announced the winner of the Herman Pundt Best Yacht Hop Award–an award newly created in honor of Herman Pundt, the late Denison charter yacht manager and former broker. On September 16, 2020, Pundt sadly lost his battle with cancer. He was known throughout the industry, especially for his immense, long-time support of and presence at the yearly Newport Charter Yacht Show.

Born in Pennsylvania, Herman’s childhood was filled with boating on the Jersey Shore and in the Florida Keys, leading to a notable “lifetime love for the water.” After his schooling at Hargrave Military Academy and Ocean City New Jersey High School, he served in the United States Coast Guard. Once he was honorably discharged, he ran his family business–a restaurant in Sea Isle City, New Jersey. However, that love for the water still tugged at him, and eventually the waves pulled him in the direction of the yachting industry.

With a United States Coast Guard Master Captain’s license, he ran and maintained yachts for a number of years. He later became a successful yacht broker; after that, a sales and charter lead for Hargrave. Following a decade with the company, Herman made the switch to Denison, where he was Charter Director until his passing. His impressive experience in and impact on the yachting industry have most definitely made their mark. The award made in his honor will remain a yearly reminder of that mark; the annual award will be presented at the Newport Charter Yacht Show to the participating yacht with the “best showing at the yacht hop.”

The first-ever Herman Pundt Best Yacht Hop Award was presented to the crew of the yacht TCB, thanks to their “Gilded Age Murder Mystery” theme which was based on a game the crew plays with guests. The presenters cited that “attention to detail, costumes, decorations, signature drink, and incredible service attributed to their win.”

Herman Pundt will be greatly missed, both by the Denison team and the entirety of the yachting industry. Luckily, with this award in his name, his memory will live on for years to come.