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60 Sunreef Catamaran [Boat Review + Video]

Denison Yachting | November 6, 2022

Take an extensive tour of the 60 Sunreef Catamaran [GYPSY SOUL] in New Smyrna Beach, Florida with Brian Ragsdale.

This article is a transcription of the 60 sunreef video from Denison’s YouTube Channel. Tune in daily to discover the latest yacht video walkthroughs from the world’s largest yacht video collection. Watch the full video below:

My name is Brian Ragsdale with Denison Yachting. Today we’re here in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, previewing one of my newest listings. GYPSY SOUL II, a 2021 60-foot Sunreef Power Cat. First off, the sheer volume of this 60 PC is impressive. She has over 843 square feet of living space throughout this vessel. We have a custom gym that I’ll show you later. And then, moving farther aft, we’ll have the master stateroom. What I like about the master is the view from the port holes, and then I also love the fact that the master bath is aft with a full on suite head and shower. Sun ridge builds a phenomenal boat, semi-custom slash production. They will give you what you want regarding the layout, fit and finish, whatever you can think of. They normally can do it, and they’ve done it here on the 60-foot Sunreef GYPSY SOUL II.

60 sunreef catamaran

So we’re going to hop on the port side, full teak decks. We’ve got a passarelle on the port side. On the swim platform, this is a 35-foot beam. On top of the platform, we do have a ZAR tender with a 70-horsepower Suzuki with Garmin electronics. And then forward of the tender, we do have a garage for plenty of toys, Sea bobs, lines, ropes, fingers, whatever you want to do. We have a tremendous walkway on the port side going towards the bowl, which mimics the starboard side. On the teak right here, this first hatch that you’ll notice on the porch side aft is the engine access. This is a Catboat, so there are two sides. This is the port side. This boat is powered by the MAN i6 730 horsepower motors.

60 sunreef catamaran foredeck

When she’s offshore, we do have two generators. We have 11 kW, and we have a 17 kW Onan. Continuing forward here on the port side, the first thing that stands out is just the sheer width of the teak decks and the walkways. It’s plenty safe walking fingers and lines is easy for the crew or yourself as an owner-operator. I myself have run a few boats. I’ve owned a few boats, and I will notice that, you know, walking through the size of the boat, port, and starboard, they get skinny, and this power cow with that beam, it certainly helps with the width and just the access going front and back.

Up front, we got the bow cockpit with ample seating for six, and you’ll notice it’s flush. So it’s comfortable, it’s safe, it’s dry. We have a table with seating, and just to the starboard side, we have a massive sun pad, and better yet, when we want, we have a custom bow shade that will cover the entire seating area. Just aft, we have this door, which is a great feature with Sunreef because this door will allow you to go from bow to stern through the salon without going through the port or the starboard side walkways.

60 sunreef catamaran

I do want to mention that we do have crew access. We have two accesses on the starboard and the port. Each crew cabin has a berth ahead and a shower. In the centerline of the bow, we have three hatches. We have two outboard hatches for storage, and then dead center, we have our hatch to access our windlass and our ground tackle for dropping anchor. We’re about to leave the sun deck, and we’re about to go to the main spot on this boat, and it’s the fly bridge. The best thing about the fly bridge is the overall view. You got 360 degrees of everything you want. If you’re the captain, you’ll appreciate the centerline helm with everything being compact and easy to get to, and if you’re a guest and hanging out with the family, you’re going to appreciate this large seating area with the teak table. Massive seating for at least 12 to 14 when you want it. And directly aft, we have the very large sun pad running full beam. Hear directly on the sun pad; we got the ladder. The ladder’s going to access the hard top, which features your Internet and your mass light, and your running lights. Another spot up here on the bridge besides this table is the workstation. We got the grill, single basin sink, ice maker, refrigeration, and storage.

The last thing I want to point out on the fly bridge is a centerline helm. Everything you’ll need is right here to run this boat. What’s great about this helm is it’s simple, it’s clean. Everything’s right here. The twin garment, the throttles, optional dock mate. Running a boat as an owner-operator, it can’t get any easier than this.

60 sunreef catamaran

The next space I want to show you is the aft deck. If you’re not on the fly bridge, the best spot in the house is the cockpit. We got the shade. We have the same teak table that’s up on the fly bridge. We have ample seating for eight here at the teak table. The seating will recline back. It’ll make a large bed. And then, directly to the port, we have a nice day bed in the shade. Over here on the star side are the wet bar sink, ice maker, and refrigerator. Aft of the wet bar, we have on the star side an outside shower. So when you’re done swimming, you’re done rinsing the tender off, you can head up, rinse off, and go inside and hang out. No two Sunreefs are built the exact same. This particular 60 Sunreef PC was built specifically for an owner-operator.

60 sunreef catamaran

He built this boat because he actually runs and uses the boats with himself and his family. And when building this boat, this first decision was a massive seating lounge area for TV. Above me, I have a 55-inch flat-screen TV that will pop down. We have mezzanine-style seating with storage underneath for long travels, and this is a high-low table. This teak table will drop when wanted to make a large bed or lounge area to watch and enjoy the 55-inch TV. Another option, the personal touch that this owner-operator added, was the large island with the three articulating bar stools. I like to cook. I like to eat. I like to be into the kind of hang-out with whoever’s cooking. But more or less, this is a space where you want to be and hang out, and everybody’s involved. We have a cooktop, a microwave, a custom wine chiller, an oven, and a dishwasher. Walking forward, we have the helm station. Again, as an owner-operator, we wanted to keep this as easy and simple as possible.

60 sunreef vip stateroom

Over here on the port side, we have a little panel. Underneath this panel, we have both controls for the Oman’s, the loving kW, and the 19 kW, as well as the water maker, the build pumps, and the main controls are on and off. Right next to our panel on the port side, we mimicked the upstairs, and it’s exactly the same. We got our garment and our Sunreef monitoring system, as well as our engine controls and bow thruster. Another thing I touched on earlier is the door. The door allows you to get from the bow to the stern without going around the decks, which is ideal. This is great definitely when we have cold fronts in South Florida; you could open up the doors from the bow and the stern and have the entire boat open and free-flowing. So wrapping it up here in the salon, I’d like to take y’all down into the starboard side staterooms. So we’re down here on the starboard side on the four staterooms, and if you notice, these are some very heavy-duty doors. Here, a queen-size mattress and beautiful woodwork. Here we’re in the aft cabin, identical to the forward place we just left, with phenomenal fit and finish, beautiful lighting, and woodwork behind the bed. Plenty of outlets to plug your phone in and charge whatever you would like. And then directly aft, we had the same exact size bathroom as the first day when we saw it on the starboard side. So coming up from the two staterooms on the starboard side, we’re going to go continue aft, and we’re going to see the third stateroom.

We’re on the third stay. On the starboard side aft, this is typically called the Skipper cabin, but as I said earlier, this is an owner-operator boat. He uses this for another guest cabin. Plenty of storage is moving throughout the room–more plugs for iPhones and USBs. Just four of the bed is the on suite. We’re leaving the starboard side. Three cabins, and now we’re going to head down to the port side master cabin, just aft from the gym on the port side, midship, we have the master. It’s a king-size; we have a walk-around bed. At the foot of the bed, we have a 32-inch flat-screen TV with storage below. Continuing aft, you’ll see a nice little nook for a personal desk.

60 sunreef owner's suite

Another thing that’s different about all the other cabins, this master’s on suite is incredible. Just outside the master, in the company, on the port side, we have our washer and dryer, and this brings us to something totally unique, a personal gem, which is something that you never find on a boat of this size, and it truly gives you an idea of how these cabins are laid out. Once again, my name is Brian Ragsdale with Denison Yachting. Thank you for taking the time to hang out with me today. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me. My contact is below.

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