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88 Lynx Motoryacht Walkthrough [Boat Review + Video]

Denison Yachting | November 18, 2022

Take an extensive tour of the 88 Lynx Motoryacht in Cannes, France with Will Noftsinger.

This article is a transcription of the 88 Lynx video from Denison’s YouTube Channel. Tune in daily to discover the latest yacht video walkthroughs from the world’s largest yacht video collection. Watch the full video below:

Hi guys. I’m Will Noftsinger with Denison Yachting. Every now and then, a yacht kind of comes around. That’s a different concept, something for a different purpose. This one was built by Lynx yachts out the Netherlands. Lynx has paid attention to their detail and delivered a quality product with four staterooms, and a 2,100 nautical mile range, all while burning only 21 gallons per hour. There’s been a big trend pretty much on land as well with the whole over landing, and I hate the term, but glamping. This is kind of the yacht version of that. And as you can see, we’re on the back deck of this and it’s really built for transportation and taking all those things with you that you would if you were to go over landing. We’re just doing it on the water and we’re doing it with a little bit nicer of accommodations. When you guys step aboard, I think you’ll take note of how rugged the boat is, but how elegantly it’s designed. It’s a super impressive boat. Let’s go check her out.

88 Lynx Crossover aft deck

A strict emphasis was given to capabilities, particularly when it comes to this aft area where you take the toys. This can carry up to a 24-foot tender, two jet skis, and you could even put a defender on here or something similar if you wanted to go to a remote area and then run a shore. The way that all happens is with this huge davit, and the capacity to get where you want to go. Thanks to ACERT C12 cats. And take note that we are in a boat with a steel hull and an aluminum superstructure. So incredibly safe and incredibly well balanced when it comes to center of gravity. So this aft deck is designed to be a flexible space. You get the toys and tenders off of here, opens it up, gives you a nice seating area, and flows into the inside. And they’ve incorporated an exterior feature to kind of make that flow more natural.

Here, we’ve got two refrigerators. Both nice Dometics. Rounding out this aft area, we obviously have a grill on board and you find it here. While we’re here, you can take some notes on what they’ve done. That’s just absolutely impressive. You’ve got almost no vision of the join we work here. As you look around, you’ll see other things like that. Nice, robust hardware, a really nice paint job. The boat’s really well done. We’re going to head here to the starboard and walk up front. Just before we go into the salon, but as we do take note at how tall these gunnels are, again, safety was paramount on a yacht like this. So you can go anywhere and when people are moving forward in rough seas, this is critical. You’ve also got nicely placed stairs as far as how far apart they are. There’s no stumbling and guesswork. So let’s continue forward past the pilot house and check out the ground tackle.

88 Lynx Crossover Foredeck

So up here is more of a business end of a yacht. You got your two hydraulic mirror windlasses, so you got your ground tackle hooked up.A little seating area, but in my opinion, the most important, a pilot house that’s super far forward with these awesome raked windows that give it that rugged performance profile for what you expect to find in a yacht like this. As we make our way here into the pilot house, something I forgot to know are these awesome overhangs. So you have a little bit of sun exposure, protection, and rain protection when you’re walking around the side of yacht. So we step in here to this pilot house. We’ve got these, again, awesome rake style windows that when you’re sitting here in the pilot house, particularly at night when there’s lights on, it kind of makes it a little easier to be able to see something else important here that they’ve done is kept this low profile and out your line of sight. So your visibility here for roughly 180 degrees is fantastic and you really feel like you’re in control of what’s happening, because the boat feels a lot smaller as the captain when you’re this far forward. Up here, we’ve got all the electronics. We typically expect to find camera systems, time zero, all that good stuff in a garment package, a nice little seating area so you can plot out tomorrow’s course or hang out with the captain and give him some company. All in all, for 150 gross tons.

88 Lynx Crossover Pilothouse

Really nice sized pilot house that they didn’t compromise this space on. So we’re going to leave some of the technical and usable for running spaces and enter into what would be, I guess, the tent on top of the car, except we’re doing it a little bit nicer here.

This is the salon, which they did the best they could with this amount of space to give you a nice conversation pit. That’s an open feeling that’s not chopped up because you wouldn’t have the space in this 150 gross tons to do anything like that. So this is a really nice feel with big windows. Give you a nice view of the seascapes to either side. We’ve got our U-shaped seating to give you the conversation pit with the adjacent seating across. A nice popup table that will fold out and give you like a big lounge area here. And it flows again nicely to give you that conversation pit when you just want to hang out in here. But it’s also aptly set for the 60-inch popup TV here on the starboard side. A yacht can never have too much storage, especially one that’s in this explorer category.

88 Lynx Crossover salon

So one thing I’d like for you to note is I put this in is the attention to detail where they actually used a knot naturally occurring in the wood to conceal that hole. This is a huge amount of storage, about three feet, and it goes all the way to each side so you can store all you need for provisioning for months. Something else to note storage everywhere. These are custom interiors, custom layouts, so there’s storage all over this yacht.

You step up a couple of stairs and we flow again into this galley. Got all the refrigeration you need. Nice countertops and again, an excellent millwork package and attention to detail.

88 Lynx crossover galley

The cabinetry is really well done and again shows the craftsmanship of this yacht. One of the things I really like about this space is it’s being connected to the salon itself and these huge windows. So while you’re cooking or whoever’s cooking is standing here, they’ve got an excellent view of what’s going on around them.

From here, we’re going to check out the accommodations in Gym Room and Crew Quarters down these steps. So we’re down here, lower accommodations. Again, all of these are custom yachts, so this one’s different than probably the next one will be the crew area is forward and the hallway actually goes all the way aft towards the engine room. We’ll kind of flow that direction when this is done. Checking out the crew quarters first, we’ve got accommodations for a total of three. Moving forward, we pass the captain’s quarters, which we’re in a boat show, so that’s occupied through some more storage. And it’s also nice to note again the way they cleverly design. The latching system doesn’t allow for someone to stub their toe.

And then this is the crew quarters for your mate and your engineer. So you’ve got nice size berths. It’s finished out like the rest of the yacht, which is kind of rare and cool. And then a private en suite head. This yacht was a little bit more purposefully designed on its brief because it’s for a mothership. So we do have some intermingling of where the crew area and guest accommodations start. That would be here. Nice big window, two berths, and another en suite.

88 Lynx Crossover guest stateroom

In the companion way, that’s just next to that first guest stateroom we saw on the port side. You’ve got one of those hatches like we did up top, and it takes you down to another immensely large area that’s awesome for a technical space. This area keeps things freed up from your engine room, so you’ve got more space in both places to do things like your water maker service or just have tanks like the black water tank in front of me. But it’s also an excellent place for provisioning, and it’s a great spot for you to see how the yachts put together.

You start to see the wiring attention. Things are lined up, they’re color coded, everything’s nice and straight, and then a paint job inside the boat was just as important as the exterior, which is a very rare thing to find. We’re going to head back and check out the rest of the guest accommodations with the master being over here to port, and then the guest accommodations over here on the starboard side. This is the smallest stateroom found on board. Got these two side by sides, nice ceiling heights, and again, this beautiful oak package with a satin finish. So it’s easy to take care of and it stays kind of modern and up to date for a long time. Directly across the hull, we’ve got the master stateroom, which again, for a yacht size would be a little small.

88 lynx crossover master stateroom

However, a purposefully built boat to be the tender to a 56 meter. So this is a little less emphasis and hardly gets used by the owner. But when you see the space, for what they’re working with, it’s fantastic. Couple of things about Lynx yachts, they don’t just build this style of yacht. This is kind of what they’re known for on their YXT series. So it’s a nice yacht, finished shadow vessel to a super yacht. It’s a little bit less interior focus than the model that we’re on now, which is their crossover line. But that gives you a great idea of what the boat’s all about. Again, kind of an over landing concept with your roof rack here and you’ve got all of your camping gear, your pop-up tent, all that stuff.

On the one we’re aboard, there is a storage area. Again, the crossover line, so that can be customized to your fancy with length yachts. You could also expand the size of the super structure and give yourself a little bit more interior volume. You’ve got a really cool kind of a tug design, rugged look, and then that steel hull. This boat’s really going to take you anywhere you want to go and give you that safety being a arena class yacht. And again, that’s a classification that you could pick out depending on what fits your style.

88 lynx crossover engine room

This is one of the cooler spaces on board this yacht. Again, you get a feel for it being an explorer, and we are on generator power in the boat show, so it’s a little louder in here, but access paramount, which again, super important on a yacht like this when you’re in the middle of nowhere. It’s also great to have cats. These happen to be C12’s. Very user friendly, not so electronic driven, more mechanical in nature. So that’s also nice to have for this style of yacht. Of course, we’ve got twins of everything, twin gins, twin water makers. You saw those up front. And we’ve also got twin gyro stabilization, which is a feature that’s kind of the bud word right now in our industry. But it is a fantastic way to keep the yacht very stable underway, and while at rest. Again, very important if you’re anchoring out places that otherwise may not be accessible.

88 Lynx crossover utility room

So things to note, access again, everywhere, all your pipes, fittings, things are finished out. You’ve got a ton of space overhead and on the outboard side of everything, and it’s a really well thought out engine room. So this is my kind of yacht. This is what I like to envision myself doing when I was to go out if I was to go out and explore. So you’ve got a huge technical space here that kind of amplifies your ability to carry things on board, paddle boards to either side. It’s a very versatile utility room. You’ve got a deep freeze here, and then we round it out with the laundry center and a little workout space. You’ve got another model sitting in front of us that’s from links yachts to show you the caliber of what they can do and the wide range of what they are able to produce at this yacht.

This genre is really up and coming and it’s a really cool space that a lot of neat builders are coming in with some innovative designs and just versatile yachts. Again, this one’s a Lynx. I appreciate you taking the time to join us on board. They’re ultra-customized. If you want to build something like this and go on your ultimate adventure, contact me Will Noftsinger at Denison Yachting anytime, and I’d love to get you to the Netherlands.

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