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How to Prep for Your Holiday Yacht Charter

Sarah Nadler | November 23, 2022

Prepare for your luxury yacht charter this holiday season.

As the holiday season officially takes full swing, those with vacation plans and yacht charters booked are likely abuzz with holiday cheer and some pre-vacation butterflies. If you’re anything like us, you may hate the preparations before going away. What to pack? What to leave? What to do? It can all get a little overwhelming.

To avoid starting off your luxury experience on the wrong foot, we’ve put together some tips on how to prepare for your holiday yacht charter. Read on so you can plan on smooth sailing on your vacay.

1. Plan Your Itinerary in Advance

The holidays are the busiest time for travel, and according to Denison charter specialists, it looks as though it’s going to be a particularly busy season this year. With this in mind, it’s even more important to plan your itinerary in a timely fashion. Discussing with your friends and family what locations you’d like to visit ahead of time will ensure everything can be properly planned and organized for the most ideal trip. Our charter specialists can help you put together the perfect charter itinerary, so if you’re going to the Bahamas, for example, you’ll have your whole journey mapped out for you–all you have to do is sit back and relax.

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2. Set Holiday Traditions

The beauty of a holiday charter is that it is not a regular yacht charter (if there even is such a thing). Holiday yacht charters are ideal because not only do they bring together all your loved ones during the most joyous times–for the most epic vacation of a lifetime, at that–but you also get to create unique holiday memories that last said lifetime. Do you have special holiday traditions that you would like the yacht crew to observe? This is one of the most important aspects to work on with your charter team to plan for so that your holiday is nothing less than perfect.

The crew on this charter yacht are known for creating memories of a lifetime: 102′ Alpha Yachts VIVACE

3. Confirm Your Preferences

Guests have many preferences and special requests when it comes to stocking up for their time disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of regular life. Whether it be a specialized menu, dietary restrictions, or just guest likes (or dislikes), your yacht charter crew can meet all your needs. Charter specialist Rose Jolis advises: “Make sure that preference sheets are completed and shared with the crew as early as possible to avoid costly shipping for specialized items.” Planning ahead can save you both money and needless frustration, so you can have what you want when you want, like a proper luxury vacation.

Enjoy a breathtaking al fresco dining area and bar on this charter yacht: 80′ Sunreef BUNDALONG

4. Schedule Activities

Keeping in mind how busy the holiday season can get, planning activities in advance are a surefire way to ensure a fun-filled and successful vacation. Charter specialist Rose Jolis recommends scheduling certain things in advance, like rendezvous diving, or other shore-related events, like dinners out, for example. “If you are going to be in St. Barths this season,” she says, “you need to book your favorite lunch and dinner spots well in advance. Do you want to rent a Mini Moke for cruising around the beaches and restaurants in St. Barths? Do you need a golf cart for Harbour Island? Basically, the more information that the crew have on what the guests want to do, the better prepared they’ll be. My best clients are those that give me more information on what they want to do or have. A formal New Year’s Eve party or a beach bbq.” The possibilities onboard, and off, are endless!

Explore this Caribbean charter yacht new to the fleet: 116′ Hargrave ROMEO FOXTROT

5. Pack Accordingly

While yacht charters usually come fully stocked with toiletries and sun protection, it is always recommended to also bring personal items that you prefer and love. Some guests prefer specific brands when it comes to skincare or other items, and packing what will make you feel comfortable and enough of it to last the duration of your stay will ensure the most enjoyable trip. Another–easily forgettable–packing essential is any medication you may need while you’re away. Swimwear is a given for your on-water adventure, but another essential that not everyone thinks of are sweaters or warmer clothing for breezy or outright colder winter nights. Cheers to cozy nights and sunny days this holiday season!

Enjoy evening sunsets on this cozy charter yacht: 114′ Sunseeker ALPHA ZULU

A yacht charter offers an unforgettable vacation, be it a romantic getaway, family holiday, or gathering of friends. The first step to booking a luxury yacht charter is to contact a charter specialist who can help you find the best option depending on your intended destination and number of guests. A specialist can then help you hammer out the details, like mapping out an itinerary, making special requests, or planning theme nights–the opportunities for fun are endless!

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