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Mediterranean Yacht Escape: Safe Haven

Denison Yachting | November 24, 2022

Sailing through crystal-clear waters aboard a luxury yacht is a timeless experience that offers the balance between enjoying the beauty of the surroundings and experiencing marine life in an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. This is what makes a trip to the Mediterranean and Aegean seas in different countries similar. This most romantic type of holiday allows you to get acquainted with the inaccessible bays of the continents and their islands.

This article was featured in the yachting magazine Numarine Insight.

The Turkish Riviera is a sparkling stretch of turquoise blue sea coastline. In ancient times, only the Gods were allowed to live here, and they left a reminder of themselves in ancient monuments along the picturesque shores. The diversity of nature in the Gulf of Fethiye, where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet, belongs to the territory of a huge nature reserve. Thanks to the foothills of the Taurus, there are no storm winds here. One of the most attractive regions is closely strewn with 12 islands. Dense coniferous forests are the hallmark of the Turkish Riviera. Due to the lack of good roads, most bays are accessible only by water. The original view of the landscape is not disturbed and local restaurants are harmoniously inscribed between trees and stones. It’s amazing how the wild world coexists with the first-class service that will meet you at any berth. Such as Gobün Restaurant in the Kapı Creek or Sarsala Koyu. At the pier itself there are usually just sailing yachts, as superyachts moor a little further from the pier, but with a more advantageous view of pine trees and dawn. Whether to have dinner aboard your yacht or visit one of these restaurants makes for a pleasant decision.

Aerial view Mediterranean and Aegean Sea

This is a paradise for hedonists. There is nothing demanding on the agenda: sunbathing, swimming, delicious food and sightseeing. No matter where the route starts from, each place is unique. Whether it be swimming on the island of Yassıcalar or Panço Koyu, exploring the ruins of Tersane Adası, or overnight anchorage at Sarsala Koyu and Sıralıbük Koyu to meet the dawn as you ascend to the Lycian tombs, the experience is equally fantastic.

“At sea, time is perceived differently. Here you want to watch the sun rise, gliding with the first rays first on the deck, and then on your cheek.”

While trekking, you share the emotions of a traveler walking along the Lycian Way. Binlik Koyu is buzzing with boats because of the proximity to Cleopatra’s famous baths, where according to legend, every person who bathes, gets younger and healthier. A rich choice of leisure is the main highlight of travel in the Gulf of Fethiye, and indeed, on the entire Turkish coast.

You can alternate the life of a hermit with going out. The proof is the Yazz Collective restaurant with its secluded jetty, which, surrounded by nature, has established itself as a major player in the gastronomic scene. A destination for celebrities, and for those with an eye for aesthetics. A walk along the boutiques with local brands in Göcek ends at D-Marin Resort—this is the most glamorous point of the bay with the only white-sand beach in the entire area, which is worth tickling your feet on after lunch at D’Breeze restaurant.

A must-see is Fethiye with its old town, fragrant bazaar and Lycian tombs carved into the cliff tops. Check out the authentic Turkish delight “Servet” shop. The family business has been producing the most stunning Turkish sweets for several years now. Let yourself be inspired by the James Bond movies in the elegant restaurant of the five-star Yacht Classic Hotel. Once Daniel Craig fled here from filming for a few days to enjoy high-class service, delicious cuisine, and to fall in love with yachting life even more.

Fethiye old town

The noise of the cities sends us to the island of Gemiler, or as it is also known – the island of St. Nicholas. Anchor on the north side for panoramic views of the ruins of the ancient city and the seductive turquoise waters. At the top of the island is a lighthouse, the perfect place to watch the sunset. To the east, is a good view of the Babadağ (the ancient Mount Anticragus) and Ölüdeniz Bay, and to the west, you see the island of Karacaören, in shape resembling a turtle. Not many people know the legend of this hidden place. It was here, several decades ago, in the best traditions of Turkish hospitality, that a family of fishermen began to welcome the first enthusiastic yachtsmen from all over the world, giving food and lodging for the night in a safe bay – and all this continues to this day.

Bodrum is the most glamorous location in the Mediterranean and the largest tourist center. The rugged southwest of Turkey is not rich in wide beaches, its evergreen peninsulas go into the inky blue waters of the Aegean towards the Greek islands a couple of miles away – Rhodes, Symi and Nisyros, where the volcano is still active. From time immemorial, seafarers have lived on the outskirts, in scattered fishing villages, which even now in most cases are only accessible from the sea – Bozburun and Datça Peninsula. Before mooring in Bodrum, stop for a couple of nights at the Merdivenli Koyu with crystal clear water. Lush greenery and the aroma of pine trees will recharge you before diving into urban life. Well-maintained Bodrum keeps its secrets: wrecks of islands, hidden bays where they drop anchor to swim in the blue lagoons or go ashore. A new string of hotels and beachfront restaurants opens up on a small historic site, amid whitewashed houses, where you’ll also find pristine Greco-Roman ruins, a 4th-century BC amphitheater and Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, itself one of the seven wonders of the world. This destination is a true monument to the past. The entrance, reminiscent of a private club, begins at the enlarged Yalikavak Marina. The holder of a Gold Anchor for first-class service, it is spacious enough to accommodate the superyachts of Mick Jagger or Bill Gates.

“The moments feel sharper and brighter, and over time they bring you back again and again to a dreamy world of discovery and adventure.”

Nature at sea in Turkey

Bodrum’s culinary scene draws inspiration from the Mediterranean and the Middle East, and exploring the city is not complete without tasting pide, a baked flatbread covered with toppings like cheese, sausages and spicy meats. Experience a kaleidoscope of high-end gastronomic frenzy at contemporary Japanese izakaya style Zuma, or at Hakkasan with its unique cuisine blending authentic Cantonese recipes with contemporary influences. Take a look at Maçakızı Hotel. It seems that over its long history; it has absorbed the real Aegean spirit, reflected in an elegant interior, and fine Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine.

Immersion in the noise of the city makes returning aboard a yacht a precious moment on a sea voyage. It doesn’t matter where you travel, Turkey, Greece, Spain… What is important is the feeling of freedom and contact with the limitless horizon, 24/7. At sea, time is perceived differently. Here you want to watch the sunrise, with the morning’s first rays on the deck, and then on your cheek. And then to watch the sun arc over the horizon to for a magnificent sunset. There’s no time for fuss here. The moments feel sharper and brighter, and over time they bring you back again and again to a dreamy world of discovery and adventure.

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