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Solace 41CS Center Console [Boat Review + Video]

Denison Yachting | November 16, 2022

Take an extensive tour of the Solace 41CS Center Console in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with Connor Bradley.

This article is a transcription of the Solace 41CS video from Denison’s YouTube Channel. Tune in daily to discover the latest yacht video walkthroughs from the world’s largest yacht video collection. Watch the full video below:

Hi, I’m Connor Bradley with Denison Yachting. Behind me is the 41CS from Solace and I’m going to show you why it’s the most versatile Center Console on the market.

As the current flagship of the Solace lineup, the 41CS incorporates more family and fishing features into one Center Console than ever seen in the industry. This boat comes standard with features that are normally optional on any other brand. Before I show you around the boat, I’d like to highlight a few of the innovations that make the Solace brand so impressive.

First is the design of this double step toll, which has been specifically engineered to run optimally in the cruising speed ranges, allowing you to go further, faster. My absolute favorite feature on this boat and what sets it apart from everything in its class is the use of magnets. One thing every boater hates, is snaps. There are no snaps anywhere on this boat. The seats are magnetic, and although you might think they might slide, they’re not going anywhere. I was a little skeptical until we took this thing on a crossing from Bimini to South Florida, we were hauling super-fast in some pretty rough seas and they didn’t move an inch. Also in line with that versatility, you can mix and match them wherever you want.

Solace 41cs

Let’s start today’s walkthrough all the way aft where you can see this boat is powered by Quad 400 Mercury verados. If that’s not enough for you can be optioned up to 1800 horsepower with Quad four 50 RS or triple 600s.

Solace 41cs

Coming a bit forward in the transom, the avid fishermen will be super stoked. You’ve got 11 rod holders across the back, twin 50 gallon live wells, and a 65-gallon fish box with bait trays included. Also, back here is your cutting board also on magnets. Pick it up. Place it wherever you want it. It’s not going anywhere. Moving into the cockpit, you’ve got a ton of room back here for an incredible fishing experience. If you need it, you’ve got this fold out bench sheet for three. To port, you’ve got this beautiful one-piece dive door with an integrated dive ladder that folds out seamlessly. This is great for hanging out at the sandbar, doing a little free diving, and its things like this. When you get your hands on it, you can really feel the quality that went into this boat. Directly under foot is the quick gyro stabilizer. On any other boat, it can normally cost you up to a hundred thousand dollars as an upgrade, but with a commitment to deliver the ultimate on water experience. Solace includes it as standard. Just behind the quick gyro is the extremely quiet mace generator.

solace 41cs

All the way forward in the cockpit, you’ve got mezzanine seating for three with a pullout footrest. For entertaining, you can remove your magnet seats. Just below the seating area, it’s a full workstation, full base in sync, storage for knives and all your utensils as well as growing. Now’s a good time to mention your bump and sound system from JL Audio, and no one back here will ever miss a thing with dual cockpit monitors that mirror what’s at the helm.

Along each side of the helm, you’ll have a frigid, rigid cooler grab rails and a ladder to reach your rods or the optional second stations. We’re passing the helm. That’ll be the last stop on our walkthrough today. So let me take you straight to the bow. All the way forward is your anchor locker. With the beautiful anchor windlass and fender storage on either side.

solace 41cs

Moving slightly aft, mirror it on both sides is two storage boxes for dock lines. Just behind, you’ve got two frigid rigid coolers. That double is seating. Center line, you’ve got seating just in front of the console to comfortably fit three adults. Storage galore on all sides and one of my favorite parts is this dedicated trash can. On your starboard side, you’ll find your raw water port side and the gunnel you’ll find your fresh water. Heading down into the cabin, the first thing you’ll notice is this incredible oversized hinge that also acts as a handle and makes it super easy to close.

solace 41cs

Once inside, you’ve got more headroom than any center console in its class, a flat screen TV and a twin settee that converts into a queen bed with the back rests already in place. There’s also a microwave and a wet head, so overnight stays are never a problem. Coming to our final stop on today’s walkthrough, we save the best for last, we’re here at the helm where the premium features just keep on coming. Plumbing standard is your shock suspension seating with flip up bolsters for three. You’ve got your electric windshield. We discussed earlier, dual wireless phone chargers, all of your engine controls with joystick and skyhook capability. Here on the dash, you’ve got your JL Audio, Engine monitoring and premium electronics from Garmin. With this digital switching system developed directly in unison with Garmin and just above as a display for your quick gyro stabilizer.

That concludes today’s walkthrough of the Solace 41CS. If you have any questions or would like to get on board, feel free to reach out.

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