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The Story Behind Numarine

Denison Yachting | November 16, 2022

When Numarine stepped into the nautical arena, the brand amazed boating enthusiasts with innovative design, state-of-the-art technology, efficient production and technical excellence, and quickly earning its rightful place in the international yachting community.

This article was featured in the yachting magazine Numarine Insight.

Founded in 2002 by Ömer Malaz, an entrepreneur whose boundless energy and tireless search for perfection have always been an irreplaceable driving force, Numarine is a European builder of explorer-type motor yachts based in the outskirts of Istanbul. With facilities on a total area of 35,000 square meters, Numarine has an astonishing building capacity of 20 vessels per year, spanning 22 to 45 meters.


Numarine strives to create motor yachts that provide unrivaled efficiency, comfort and performance when cruising two thirds of the world. This idea led to the establishment of the brand, and to the development of the HT, Fly and the most recent XP series, with a total of 160 yachts built so far.

Ömer Malaz, Founder of Numarine

“From my experience spending leisure time with my family on board motor yachts, I always felt there was something missing, I was always wanting more, and our needs were never fully satisfied,” says Malaz. “Could we go where we wanted, when we wanted? Did we have everything we needed for extended time aboard? Could we entertain in comfort with all the provisions we would need? Was my family safe and comfortable? The answer always came back as not quite. Out of this list of unfulfilled desires, the vision to create the perfect motor yacht came about. Thus, Numarine was born.


To create a company that would stand out and deliver on the mission set down at the outset, exhaustive research led to a set of conclusions that would subsequently be delivered and upheld. Conclusions that formed the core of what Numarine is today. Numarine yachts had to be of the highest quality in order to compete in a saturated marketplace, and so only the best componentry could be used.

Numarine Superyacht at Numarine Shipyard and Production Facility

In order to meet the requirements of efficiency, performance and range, staff and designers had to save weight. So, Numarine took inspiration from the aviation industry and the world of racing, where intelligent material choices and placements translate into extreme savings on weight for added strength and stability. Through techniques such as vacuum infusion and the use of composite materials, as well as steel hulls (for the 32XP, 37XP and 45XP models), Numarine has learned to navigate a broad spectrum of construction techniques in the international nautical arena.

Numarine Shipyard and Production Facility

Numarine outfits yachts with an abundance of amenities and convenience features as standard, offering clients the ability to customize and delivering on their exacting requirements. With a mission set out and its delivery achievable, Numarine created a purpose-built facility, refined the latest technological manufacturing techniques, assembled a team of the best craftsmen, engineers and designers, and formed partnerships with the industry’s leading vendors. Uncompromising in attention to detail, impeccability of workmanship and choice of materials, every Numarine yacht is a pleasure to own.

Out of this list of unfulfilled desires, the vision to create the
perfect motor yacht came about, and thus Numarine was born.

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