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94 Ferretti Motoryacht Walkthrough [Boat Review + Video]

Denison Yachting | December 1, 2022

Take an extensive tour of the 94 Ferretti Motoryacht in Key Largo, Florida with Will Noftsinger.

This article is a transcription of the 94 Ferretti video from Denison’s YouTube Channel. Tune in daily to discover the latest yacht video walkthroughs from the world’s largest yacht video collection. Watch the full video below:

Ferretti Yachts is a brand that most people are familiar with. There is another brand within called Custom Line. And today, we’re in Key Largo checking out a 94 footer raised pilot house built in 2003, custom line Ferretti with zero speed fin and stabilization and a ton of other features like a beach club and an on deck master. Let’s go check her out. Welcome aboard.

94 ferretti beach club

A really cool area that separates this boat probably the most is the fact that she’s got an operating beach club on the back. Something that yachts today are really emphasizing. Got a nice TV. Sub-Zero refrigeration and ice making capabilities, JL audio sound system, amazing space that you do not find on a boat this age or typically under a hundred feet.

The other nice thing that a beach club gives us is secondary access to the engine room. We put a second washer dryer back there. That’s super important on a yacht this size because there will be tons of laundry, particularly if there’s a charter happening and in a little machinery room that contains mostly pumps onboard the vessel. We got our water maker membranes for the water maker, and then access into the actual engine room, which is huge. And this separation is very nice. The MTU, M91s fully serviced. Everything’s been done. We put roughly a hundred grand into the engine room. If you want to take her to The Bahamas, she’s ready.

94 ferretti

Something else that sets this boat apart is her performance. The boat will cruise at 2021 Knots, impressive feet for a yacht that’s 94 feet and feels like she might as well be a 120. The engine room has a surprising turn to it over on the port side where you’ve got access back towards Passerelle overhead and your generators immediately to your left as you walk back. Multiple projects can be happening at once in your engine room.

Zero speed stabilization rarity to find on a yacht from this vintage definitely sets this boat apart. Under the water, over a hundred thousand dollars’ worth of lighting. We got Humphreys, trim tab interceptors, which are very cool blades that drop down and give the vessel a really superior ride quality. Aiding the stabilizing fins further for a more comfortable ride.

94 ferretti aft deck

I’m going to take the other exit that takes you up a set of stairs onto the main deck and check out this aft deck. In the aft deck of EVERYTHING GOOD, it’s a really nice feature that’s going to first greet your guests, give a great first impression, got a nice teak tabletop. Check out the game on the flat screen TV behind me. Got tons of cool features that you don’t usually have on aft deck and yacht of this size. Awesome amount of space here. Right now it’s a shower. They use it for storage, but that would be a really cool day head. Got back down station. Really easy access to everywhere on the boat, stairs up to the bridge, walk around on either side and then back. Behind you, you’ve got access to the beach club when it’s in the down position.

Walk forward up to the bow. Tall bull work makes you feel safe. One easy set of stairs just after we pass this access back inside. Continue up to probably one of the cooler bows because we do have one unique feature separating it from the rest.

94 ferretti bow

Huge amount of storage found right here where the sun pad would be ours away with the weather just in storage. We’ve got a massive amount of storage underneath this and it’s really clean. This wasn’t really prepared for our video today. It’s just kept that way. While we close this up, we’ll take note of these Theron’s Windlasses that control your ground tackle, you’ve got two anchors to either side, really beefy, and then just for that, a locker for all the chain and road when it’s not in use.

When you step inside, EVERYTHING GOOD, you can see how nice a condition everything is, and it’s got a warm interior, very traditional. Nothing’s going to go out of style. It feels like a yacht should, and it’s an entertaining dream. You’ve got a great setup for the bar, adjacent to the sofas, the TV that drops down, and there’s nothing separating the dining room from the rest. So you really do feel the space is amplified forward in the salon is the dining space. It is collapsible into being a smaller table, giving you a little bit more space when you are doing that entertaining.

94 ferretti salon

We’re going to head into the galley using this stew access that’s perfectly located to get quick service to the dining room, which is important. This is also nice to have a secondary weight in and out of the galley when this is being a very heavily utilized space during meal prep. Nice refrigerator, dishwasher, cooktop, all that your cook’s going to need, when you’re serving on board. This is also a great space for this galley in the floor plan we have, because it gives crew easy access from their accommodations. Next stop. Walking forward in the companion way, we’ve got a nice secret door that accesses the guest accommodations for turn down service and for the crew to be able to do what they need to do.

94 ferretti galley

The accommodations are nice. There’s two cabins, one for your captain with a little bit larger berth, and then forward, you’ve got two over under bunks in each room, gets its own en suite, which is also really nice. Last thing found here, a washer and dryer. For crew to do things like their laundry or anything engine room related.

If we come from the crew quarters through that secret door we talked about, it brings you right into that closet behind me, which doubles as that state room for crew. And then into one of the two mirror images, we’ve got a huge closet side by side with filler cushions so that you can make them into a queen, and they both feature a Pullman. So really a nice feel for all guests on board.

94 ferretti vip stateroom

All the way aft, we’ve got the VIP, which is a full beam, almost master state room. It is a master state room on most yachts. But like we said, this one does have an awesome on deck, which we’ll check out at the very end. Here we’ve got tons of space and the owner does utilize it for his personal state room because we were able to put some gym equipment in here. Insulation was huge for this guy. There’s tons of sound down. This door was removed, for example, filled with sound down material and reinstalled the back of the aft bulkhead here. Same kind of thing. Very quiet. It was something he really was focused on and it turned out nice. Full beam, VIP that mimics a master state room on most yachts in this size range, and it is fantastic.

94 ferretti twin cabin

From here, let’s head up to the pod house, up the same set of stairs, pass the salons and check out all the operations take place on board this yacht. You come up the main staircase to the main level. You’ve got your day head here, and then the galley access where we just were to go down to the crew quarters, as well as access to the master state room. We’re going to head up these stairs and check out the pilot house next. Up here in the pilot house, we got a pretty cool upgrade with these new Garmin eight thousand.

Center line here, we’ve got a couple of ST 60 s that give you things like speed, compass, all that good stuff, wind direction, and then your analog gauges for your engines. Got our throttles, autopilot, rudder indicator, and then our Humphree zero speeds stabilization controls with bow thruster just next to it. And there is a little seating area here on the port side so you can join them and plan the route. We’ve got a lot of storage for VHF manuals, all the paperwork on board the boat, and then there’s even some flag storage as well with all your AC/DC paneling and ship systems located right here.

94 ferretti master stateroom

Coming up to the fly bridge. Got a really nice, not too steep staircase. It brings you to a really well thought out space from Ferretti on this yacht. There is a Jacuzzi underneath this circular pad, and then tons of seating with nice new cushions. They look fantastic. Brand new Bimini overhead. The table does drop down. You put the Bimini in the back position. It gives you another nice sun pad area with the filler cushion in position. And then just forward, great place to barbecue. There’s a barbecue grill, tons of refrigeration, ice maker. Here on the port side, we’ve got the upper helm for the captain kind of kickback, relax on the longer legs of the journey. Got all the instrumentation you need to run this yacht. Brand new Garmin 8,000 series. Your RPM gauges, Humphree zero speed fins stabilization controls your jog for your American bow thruster. And then really cool, everything drops, tucks away, nice and neat out of the elements. A really great helm for your captain.

Last stop on today’s tour, checking out that awesome master stateroom located on deck. When you walk in, the first thing you’re going to see is this centerline aft facing berth. New covers, new mattresses, upholstery inside the state room, you see the detail orientation that was put into this yacht looking at the Crawford ceilings, and it came out super nice.

94 ferretti flybridge

Push of a button. All your blinds raised was really nice this morning. As a broker, it’s really nice too to be able to walk in and get a boat stage by just pushing a button. Very cool feature to find on board, and that was added maybe a year ago. The en suite is really nice. Cool rainfall, shower right next to the window. Taking all the scenery around you. The design that went into making this space a real master statement was pretty impressive because they didn’t compromise on the rest of the yacht to be able to do it.

Thanks for joining us aboard this beautiful custom line, EVERYTHING GOOD. It’s got a lot to offer. A lot of the features also make this yacht super charitable. So if you were interested in talking more about that or any of my listings, contact me or my wife, Carrie, anytime. We’d love to have you on board and show you what this can do for you.

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