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88 Sunseeker Motoryacht Walkthrough [Boat Review + Video]

Denison Yachting | January 5, 2023

Take an extensive tour of the 88 Sunseeker Motoryacht in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with Riccardo Solci.

This article is a transcription of the 88 Sunseeker video from Denison’s YouTube Channel. Tune in daily to discover the latest yacht video walkthroughs from the world’s largest yacht video collection. Watch the full video below:

In four hours, the International Boat show Fort Lauderdale will open, and in this moment, like every year, I am surprised that it actually will be able to open because it seems like everybody’s rushing out at the last moment to complete their booth, their standard presentation. This is Riccardo Solci with Denison Yachting. Welcome and we came here to Sunseeker as the first crew to show the new 88 yacht from Sunseeker that has a lot of new styling and design innovation. Not only very pleasant to the ice, but they are also purposely driven because there is a function to everything that they did. Now, as you can see the vessel, it’s unmistakably the line of a Sunseeker.

There is a touch of new styling and contemporary without losing the tradition of the manufacturer. And you can see, for example, the glass that have inserted into the gunnel. So that from the boardwalk and from the interior of the salon, you have much more visibility of the ocean, of the horizon, and you have much more natural light coming in and the element of the single piece hardtop. Everything that you see has a purpose and a function. It’s not just the painted part of the hole, it’s a purpose driven innovation. So let’s walk inside, let’s walk the boat so I can point out more of the feature that they have introduced. I’m always a little bit resistant to changes because I think, we might lose the core value of a product. If it was for me, the 911 would’ve always been a 1970 design with a round light. Fortunately, though, there are designers and courageous entrepreneurs and companies like Sunseeker that actually implemented innovation and in this case, without losing the core personality of the product. If you’re not using the aft, part of the fly bridge for the storage of the jet ski, in addition to the beautiful William up to four meter and 60 centimeter jet tender on the platform, you can install a newly designed spot that also has a glass panel that allows you to see the ocean as you are enjoying the spa.

88 sunseeker flybridge

This vessel in particular has extended canopy, so you have a beautiful shade. In this section of the fly bridge, we finally can show you the many details of design that Sunseeker introduce and they make really this vessel so pleasant to the ice. First of all, the furniture of the bar that serves the purpose of serving a formal dining, but also cocktail launch by lowering the level of the table. Here we have a full bar that you can have in a high end hotel. From a perfect serving table, we can turn it easy into a wet bar by having removed this top, we have a sink. Moving forward, I have four refrigeration unit able to store everything that you want and an ice maker. For cooking, we have a griddle. This is a fantastic part of the fly bridge finally, where you have control of this wonderful yacht.

And it’s very well designed for the owner operator because not only you have a great visibility, but you also can have the company of your family, of your friends because you have an L-shape, sofa, and a beautiful sun pad at the end of the fly where somebody can lay down. This is a fantastic helm that has everything that the captain wants. Tilt steering for, changing position accordingly to how you want to drive, sitting down or standing up, and of course, dual screen gamin, multi-touch GPS and function or, you know, that finder radar and everything that you want, cameras. And you also have of course, the control of the engines, the control of the bow thrusters, the autopilot, the radio, and you have two helm seats where you can be in the company of somebody and extremely comfortable, great visibility forward, great visibility also in the docking procedures. And finally here we have a windshield that you can raise in Plexiglas. Fantastic so it doesn’t compromise the visibility that you can raise to protect you from the wind because with this yacht, you’re going fast.

I also would like to point out that this door is carbon fiber. Let’s open it up so that we can go to the aft deck station and take control of the vessel where I have the controls of the bow, stern thruster, and the engines. So I have a fantastic visibility. I know how far I am from the dock, and I can direct the line handler to help me. The aft deck, which is a very wide area, is very important for the social entertainment of guests on the vessel. And here we have the classic tick table with the U-shape sofa. This table can also be divided in two different cocktail tables, but removing the centerpiece.

88 sunseeker aft deck

For beverage service. You have a wet bar with this sink and a refrigerator conveniently located to starboard. As yacht design evolves and also consumer expectation is changing, Sunseeker is focusing on the flexibility of its product. For example, you can have a privacy screen that falls up and down. You can have instead of these fixed U-shaped sofa, a very interesting large sitting area that can be raised up or lower down to create a sun launch sitting area on this swim platform that now becomes a beach club or a sitting area here on the off deck with at that point lose furniture.

We are now on the bow, a very important social area. This area in the Sunseeker 88 is particularly elevated, so you have a fantastic visibility and to port and starboard side in classic Sunseeker heritage, you have a lot of storage for fenders, lines, cleaning product under these hatch compartments. Beauty, sometimes it’s in the simplicity and here is the simplicity of the elements; the fabric finishing, these cushion, beautiful classic teak table that gives a memory of traditionally acting and the carbon fiber material used for the cup holders. I’m sitting on simple forward facing seats, but intelligently designed because the important thing in a seat is to have a nice, comfortable back rest. It’s also extremely comfortable and you are on the front edge of the vessel.

88 sunseeker bow

In addition, here you have a wonderful twin anchor system that is great for the Mediterranean, where for environmental reason anchor sometimes in deep water, but also for our local water when there are challenging wind and currents. We are now two hours away from opening, and I’m still more perplexed of how they’re going to be able to finish everything. But magically, every year it happens, it’s going to be wonderful. When you’re stepping on the berthing platform of a Sunseeker, it’s unmistakably Sunseeker. The geometry of the design, the color of the gel coat. I have a memory of when I was for the first time crew on a 95 Sunseeker and it’s always going to be unique. As you can see from the swim platform is very large due to the beam of the vessel. You can, have a William Jet tender up to 4.6 meter and in this particular configuration, you have access to the crew quarter there and you know, storage for water related accessories such as for diving.

88 sunseeker swim platform

Next, I’m going to show you the crew quarter, which on a yacht of this size is a very important element because you need to give rest to your crew if you want them to work well the next day. We are now in the crew quarter that presents four berth, two on one cabin over under, and two on the other cabin over under. The washer and dryer, which can be in the crew quarter. But in addition for clients that wants to have it into the master, you can have a second unit and then you have a crew mass here and a one full bathroom here for the crew.

What is important here maybe to point out is that the vertical height of the ceiling, it’s comfortable enough for people to change and relax. From here, next I’m going to show you the engine room. We’re now in the engine room, a part of the vessel that is not always visited, but it’s fundamental, especially as the year go by. If the engine room is well designed like this one is, you can maintain and service the vessel well. So here you have a lot of headroom. The upgraded package with the 12 cylinder MTU, with about 1,150 horsepower. 29.7 kW generator port to starboard. You have a water maker. In this case you have two water heater because it’s set up to have the spa on the fly bridge. And you also have an isolation transformer for the electricity. You can plug the vessel over the world and you can transition easily from the shore power to the generator power.

Now let’s turn the inside living and outside living by sliding these three panel sliding door that will give us access to the salon. Besides the element of surprise that this sliding door has because it’s curve, it’s very well designed because there is no trip hazard on the floor. It’s on the same level. When you’re stepping into the salon and dining area, you have a wow effect. And for many reasons, first of all, the size of the space. And this was achieved by a very courageous and first in the industry as far as I know. Placing of the gale forward up by the helm. We’ll see that later. But the wow effect is also given by redesign of the interior look of Sunseeker without losing the classic, elegant personality of the brand. So the dark wood and sun is still there, but now it’s modernized and accent accentuated by so many design elements. For example, the use of smoke eucalyptus, contrasted by element of stainless, the presence of stone, the ceiling changes between the salon and the dining area. It serves the purpose of being practical to be clean, but it also serves the purpose of sound insulation. You have a sound system here. You have music, you have conversation, and the ceiling plays a big important role because it gives you a wide, fresh feeling.

88 sunseeker salon

Look at this picture here. It’s an artwork. You can still hang your own paintings and your own art, but Sunseeker did it for you. It’s just nice to be here. You don’t want to go anywhere else. Don’t leave it outside to take a swim. As you’re stepping into the dining area, of course the ice goes immediately to the beautiful sliding door, full height. It can be also glass. In this case it’s an optional sliding door, and through this glass you can see also through the glass inserted into the gamin that also helps to give that new shape and styling into the vessel so that you can have an unobstructed view of the ocean, of the horizon as you’re walking and enjoying the space or as you’re dining.

As we work forward from the former dining to the helm, we have on starboard side, a day head, and inside you have a sink, a head, and a beautiful window that takes you outside. As you are closing this door, which is of solid wood and very nice solid feeling of quality, you also have this accent of stingless that brings it to life. Opposite to the accommodation staircase, we have this doubles lighting door that helps you to close the working area, which is the helm station and the galley. Now, that has been designed next to the helm. Here we are in the area that is the helm and the galley as well combined. The first time that I saw this one, I thought, I’m not very, very convinced.

88 sunseeker galley helm

Instead, it’s brilliant. It’s spectacular for many different reasons. Number one, if you have a crew that is serving the guests, now you have a confined working area where the captain can handle his boat by going through this popup window. Now all those concern that once might have about, you know, the air conditioning temperature because you’re cooking and because you are under the glass, have been sold by Sunseeker. They have a system of blinds. They have increased the air conditioning power. A spectacular, simple solution that by the way, give that space on the salon and dining area there. Otherwise we would not be possible. Look, how brilliant is the design of this cabinet with this raise counter top. It isolates basically with a half wall, the formality of the captain and the helm station. On this countertop for example, working station. You have the preparation station if you’re preparing the food, but you also have the concealed sink and also a lot of storage as you would find all over the vessel from docking line to cabinetry. And here you have all sorts of appliances that you would want to have. The dishwasher, cooktop and also the microwave and the oven, and then here, refrigeration. Lots of refrigeration, and right here in front of me, a freezer. Now after showing you all the vessel, we are going finally to the cabins.

88 sunseeker master stateroom

In this area, we have aft, large master, full beam. To my side, port side and starboard side, we have twin cabins. And then forward, we have the VIP, which is basically a master in itself. You will see how many beautiful feature the Sunseeker has introduced. But first, let’s head aft to the master. Full king side’s, large bed. Low to keep the convenience of this low position in the vessel, because we are at the water level or below. Then you have this decoration beauty in itself with material that are also sound absorbing.

And then this television unit, which is enhanced by the wall panel finishing and design. Here, you have a L-shape seating sofa that allows you also this beautiful vanity station. As we’re working from the vanity station, aft we have this wonderful closet space, you have hanging closet, you have drawers, and you have shelves. A wonderful area is still an open space. And then the bathroom, which is fantastic, with a wonderful shower in marble. As we leave the master, Sunseeker has provided a lot of storage space. Also here, here you have, shelving, so a closet and here you have a big storage where you can leave suitcases or if you prefer to do your laundry, rather than having the crew do, so you can install a wash and dryer.

88 sunseeker twin stateroom

As we are moving forward to port, I have a twin cabin and to starboard, another twin cabin, which are the same configuration when the beds are left in this separated position. But the port cabin also has an electric mechanism where you can combine them. So you have two options. Both of this cabin have of course window with porthole, hanging closet, a wonderful flat screen TV and an en suite. And the last thing that I need to show you is the VIP forward. That is a spectacular cabin. You will see with a lot of innovative element of design that is almost better than a master. And the VIP forward since they wow effect to come in into this lobby and here to port a spectacular bathroom with double sink shower, a transition cabinetry where you can leave, your telephone, your wallet.

On the other side of this privacy glass, you are on in a word of your own because you have in a VIP forward, a full king size bed with accents, lighting everywhere. Look how many details with different color tone than the master. So this cabin has its own personality and feeling and mood storage everywhere. Cabinetry very important when you are aboard for many. And you are in total relaxation with yourself, your loved one. And if you want to hear some sound because it’s so much insulated, then you need to open this porthole and hopefully there is this little splashing of the water against the hall.

88 sunseeker vip stateroom

On behalf of Denison Yachting and myself, Riccardo Solci, I want to thank you for being with us during this first day of our International Boat Show. And I hope you enjoyed this review that we did on the go before opening.

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