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112 Leopard Motoryacht Walkthrough [Boat Review + Video]

Denison Yachting | March 16, 2023

Take an extensive tour of the 112 Leopard Motoryacht [ENCORE] in Miami, Florida with Aaron Antonson.

This article is a transcription of the 112 Leopard video from Denison’s YouTube Channel. Tune in daily to discover the latest yacht video walkthroughs from the world’s largest yacht video collection. Watch the full video below:

Aaron: Good afternoon. My name is Aaron Antonson, and over my shoulder is Fisher Island. She’s one of the most exclusive private islands here in the US and this island here serves as the perfect backdrop to introduce to you ENCORE, a 112-foot Leopard yacht, hand-built in Pisa, Italy. Welcome aboard. So there are a few points that I’m very excited to show you guys today.

As you can see, we’re in between two islands here in Miami. We’re able to get this 112 footer in less than four foot of water, and that’s thanks to her Rolls Royce water jets that drive her, even though she is a very sleek, sexy, express style yacht, we have a huge sunbathing area forward, and then on the stern we have a beautiful outdoor dining and sunbathing area as well.
Taking a look on the inside, you’re going to be blown away by her fit and finish. Leopard is very well known for incredible details on woodwork, carpentry. I’m also proud to introduce you to Captain Rick because not only does he run the boat, but he was very involved in selecting her for her current owners.

Captain Rick: My name is Rick. I’m originally from New York, but I’m a Miami resident. Been here 13 years and love being on ENCORE. The best option this yacht has is Triple Jet drives. It separates this yacht from any other yacht that’s out there. Reason being is because of the draft and obviously the speed and less maintenance and even better for safety reasons as well. There’s no props. It’s like a big jet ski on the water. I think it’s one of the best yachts that you can maneuver. Extremely easy. Rotate the jets and you can actually just spin it in a circle, walk it in sideways, into a tight spot. I actually have people that sit there and clap. When I dock, it’s kind of exciting to be able to operate ENCORE.

112 Leopard Sundeck

Aaron: What better spot to start today’s tour than on the top of ENCORE here on her sun bridge all the way aft. Here, we have a huge sunbathing area. We have six gigantic cushions here with some backrest as well which is going to be one of my favorite spots when cruising over to The Bahamas. Getting an amazing view. And just behind the sun pads here, we have our three large antennas or domes. This is what’s going to connect you to the rest of the world with internet, TV, all communication needs while you’re on board.

Something that Leopard accomplished well on board this build was the integration of natural lighting, and we see this showcase perfectly here with skylights, and if that wasn’t enough natural lighting, the design also flows on both port and starboard sides to allow additional sunlight into the on deck.

And this brings us up to the bow of ENCORE, which really gives you a true scale of her size and capacity. Up here we have all of her ground tackle, but for more of the enjoying area, we have her huge shaded and exposed sun pads. And what I love about this area is that you have complete exposure here up forward, but if you want, you can be completely isolated back here, and it’s probably pretty difficult to see me with how much shade we have, but we also have some nice tables here to enjoy a breakfast or cocktail.

112 Leopard foredeck bow

Now you might be asking yourself, how many people can we have on board? The way she sits now you can sleep 10, but I think more importantly, this boat is built to entertain. And with that being said, this is a perfect floating venue for I’d say at least 50 close friends to go enjoy and cruise, the local waters. And what better place to enjoy that cruise than the aft deck.

So it’s easy to picture yourself at ENCORE like we are now, but while cruising, our cockpit is separated into two separate areas all the way aft. We have a huge rear facing sun lounge or getting a bit cozier. We can work our way forward to the covered dining area here that can comfortably dine eight guests. In addition, we also have a full electric sunshade that opens up. This covers the aft sun pad.

More items to mention while we’re back here in the cockpit area is first the TV that easily pops up for some outdoor enjoyment. Secondly, the stereo system on board is incredible. We have full surround sound up top, as well as a full wraparound speaker system aft, and also good to mention she is kid friendly with this oversized aft doors.

112 Leopard Aft Deck Cockpit

So one of ENCORE’s most special spots on board and her connection to the sea is her aft swim platform here, and just behind this door is her treasure chest of toys stepping into her toy garage. Here she has a full array of sea bobs. She fits a jet ski as well, in addition to a full dive setup including air compressors, tanks, and a 17-foot trampling. So the way this toy garage is so efficient is thanks to this passerelle, not only is it useful to get your guests on and off board, but it also is utilized as the crane to maneuver the stereo we have here, in addition to all the other heavier toys that you might not want to pick up yourself.

112 Leopard Swim Platform

I don’t know what you expected, a yacht with such a bold exterior to look like on the inside, but I was totally blown away when I saw it for the first.
So we just made our way into the salon and essentially I’d say there’s three main features here. First are seating, secondly are entertaining areas. And then finally the full service bar.

To start with the seating, we have an amazing U-shaped settee aft tier, and then just forward, we have a pretty large couch lounging area that services one of the two TVs that do fold up. The second TV is on the opposite side of the salon by the entry doors. So when the port TV is down, it allows you to really appreciate the stylistic windows in. But not only that, it brings in plenty of natural light, not too sharp on you though. So it really creates a nice ambiance in here.

112 Leopard Salon

Making our way around the full service bar here. To start, we have a full Onyx countertop, and what that covers is a fully functioning and serviceable wet bar here with refrigeration, ice makers, sink, and plenty of storage for all of your drinks on board.

Before we showcase you the three hearts on board, the leopard in the engine room. We need to showcase the staircase that leads you completely separately to the engine room and the crew quarters. Coming into the crew quarters on board ENCORE, our first stop is a crew mess. It’s just adjacent to the full galley here, but it’s also a nice spot because it does fully open up and it allows for just that bit more of bulk storage for, let’s say, some oversized luggage for anything else you can imagine.

Coming around the corner, we have the first two crew cabins. The second of two crew quarters down here. We’re all the way aft next to the engine room. One thing I’d like to mention is the fit and finish that you do find inside these crew quarters for those long trips on board, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your crew and they’re going to have just as nice finishings. You’ve got a full standing shower in here as well with nice teak floors.

112 Leopard galley

Coming out the second cruise state room, we have our laundry station here that’s now equipped with three Miele double units. So you have more than enough capacity to keep everyone on board every day with a fresh outfit. But now we make our way into the full chef’s galley. And the reason why we can call this a full chef’s galley is because all the appliances are oversized and to chef’s grade. This means you can use this area for one of your either two modes, one being family serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or when you have those 50 guests on board for an evening or a party, you have plenty of space here to facilitate all those hors d’oeuvres and finger foods.

We are now in the heart of this leopard and something a bit unique about this cat is that she has three hearts, three engines, all of which are M93 series MTU. They boast over 2,000 horsepower each, and that’s what allows this yacht to get up to 42 knots. She has been upgraded, so she has all new air conditioning blowers in the cabins, but also chiller units here in the engine room. We have our MTU control boards that are also mirrored upstairs at the helm. So you have double controls and then all the way in the back we have her water maker and hydraulic systems.

112 Leopard Engine Room

Captain Rick: So when we were looking for yacht we found ENCORE. It had Rolls Royce triple jet drives. Never operated a yacht with jet drives before, and it was the best choice that we could have made so much that we would never go back to buying another yacht with props. It’s basically like a big jet ski on steroids. The reason, we focused on jet drives was because of the draft. We can go anywhere in Miami. We can go through Jungle Island, Venetian, star Island. Okay guys, we are ready. So now I can actually maneuver her. So you go one reverse, one forward.

Aaron: And you’re just using the outside engines?

Captain Rick: Yep. That’s it. No thrust, nothing. Like I said, anybody that uses thruster every time they want to move is a horrible captain because they don’t pay for the repairs. You want to use it at least as possible, especially when they’re electric. So you can see why, how shallow it was because we kicked up a lot of muck. We’re going to go and run everything off one throttle, which I like to use port side, but you can use starboard also. And now you can see how both jets turn off the one throttle.

When yachts get older, electronics tend to go out date, just like cell phones and computers. So this was a big improvement to put a brand new computer system in. It cost us 250,000. It can operate the whole yacht from here. BS tanks, fresh water. You can switch over Seamless transfer from here as well, which is great. Just pop a, hit a button and you can go from generator to shore power or vice versa. You know, once you get up on plane, which is very, very fast on this yacht, because you don’t have props. When you have jets, there’s no load on the engines, so you can hit the throttles a lot faster and get up on plane, which we did earlier. And now what we’ll do is we’re in the channel, we’ll build the RPMs up and then we’ll hit in and that’s, can we engage our third motor right now? So now we’re in three engines, all jets are working and I can control everything from this controller on port side.

Aaron: So that center engine, that’s basically your thrust? That is going to get you that crazy top speed.

Captain Rick: Yes. That is very much needed. If you just had two motors, it would be a lot harder to get up on plane. With the three motors you get up on plane within seconds. This is where it all starts. We’re at the end of the intercostal. So this all opens up after Key Biscayne. If you want to go to Cuba, you can go to Cuba, key West, Bahamas. This is where it’s all at, and we can do a year round as well. So having a yacht in Miami, I believe is a must.

112 Leopard Theatre Room

Aaron: So now that we’ve explored what the helm can accomplish, I think it’s also important to mention how it’s all wired here in this hidden doghouse. We get to see the guts and really what’s behind all this technology. So some people call this space the doghouse on board, but if you were to think of the engine room as the heart, this would be the brain of the ship.

What we find in here are all of the control modular and devices that control the different systems on board. We have the security camera systems, all the different relays for the electronics on board. What I find to be the coolest down here is the Rolls Royce control units for the drives. These are the jet drives that control the direction and the thrust for the ship.

So now that we just left the helm just a few steps down and forward, we’re making our way to the Ensuite Theater Room. Just when you step inside, into the left is her full ensuite head with a separate shower. And just beyond that brings us into the theater room. So in here, it’s a pretty dynamic space I’d say because we’ve seen a lot of different configurations in this forward state room from the factory. This could be used as a fifth state room on board, which would take your sleeping capacity from 10 to 12. This space could be used as an office, a gym. Still keeps you close and personal to the rest of the boat. And I’d like to mention the mount of natural light coming into the state room. We noticed it when we were on top of the boat, but when you’re inside, you can really appreciate what this generates on the interior. And now we’re going to take a look at where the rest of the guests will stay.

112 Leopard Master Stateroom

So our first stop down below in the state rooms is going to be all the way aft in our full beam master state room. So our owner’s suite is divided into two separate sides. On one end, we have our sleeping cult living area. And then on the other end we have our wardrobe and storage area on board. The huge windows that we appreciated up top are also followed down below here on both ends. And what this does is again brings you amazing views, natural light, and it really combines well with the darker wood in here to again, bring that more cozy atmosphere on board.

So as we’ve seen on other spaces on board, storage is not an issue here on ENCORE, we have a full dresser and standing drawer area here, and in addition to this storage, we also have a full walk-in closet. Just being on here is our en-suite head. What we have in here is a beautiful stonework marble vanity. We also have a full standing shower with the same matching stonework head and deck.

112 Leopard VIP Stateroom

Making our way forward and to starboard, we have a queen configuration with a full standing closet as well as storage underneath the bed and to starboard. Directly attached is another beautiful ensuite head. Directly across the hall here to port, we have a twin configuration also with storage under both beds, storage outboards, a port side this time, and also a Pullman that folds down between this Pullman and the last. That’s how we get the extra two on board.

So it’s not always how this works out so perfectly, but we have saved my opinion best for last. For the state rooms, for the guest state rooms, the VIP, she’s elevated full beam and also boasts large windows on both sides. Our forward VIP is actively mirrored on both sides. We have full standing closets as well as drawers on both sides. Only difference is for the head, we have a nice split, call it Jack and Jill style, where on one side we have a huge shower. Again, beautiful marble work that you find back in the master follows through all the heads on board, but on the other side, we have our day and head.

I would like to thank you all for coming on board and enjoying ENCORE with us today. I’d like to thank Captain Rick and his amazing crew for facilitating the shoot. If you have any questions about this boat or any other, please feel free to contact me directly. Thank you.

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