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Project PEGASUS: 88-Meter Concept Yacht for Sale Exclusively With Denison

Sarah Nadler | August 30, 2023

New Construction Project Available With Denison.

Denison is excited to debut Project PEGASUS, an 88-meter concept yacht designed by Jozeph Forakis. The project is exclusively available as a new construction opportunity with Denison.

With reflective ‘Solar Wings’, Project PEGASUS is the world’s first 3D printed superyacht solar-electric/hydrogen hybrid with zero emissions and with a multi-level “Tree of Life” hydroponic garden providing fresh food and air purification. Pegasus was awarded the prestigious Elite Award “reserved for the world’s leading designers and design schemes” in the “Elite Concept Award” category for global exterior and interior combined. The project also won the International Yacht & Aviation Award in the “Interior Concept” category.

Jozeph Forakis, who designed the concept yacht, commented: “I am thrilled to collaborate with Denison Yachting, one of the world’s most distinguished and respected brokerages, and Lateral Naval Architects, known for their real-world innovation, for project PEGASUS 88m. We couldn’t ask for a better foundational team to bring this dream to reality. Special thanks to Marisa Ronchi and Ottaviano Iacono of SuperyachtOne for their belief in the project and introduction to Alex Clarke at Denison. I dreamt of creating a yacht that honors nature by becoming virtually invisible. This desire drove us to develop a zero-emissions yacht that is ‘invisible’ in both design and environmental impact. PEGASUS 88m is an ambitious, yet achievable, vision for a sustainable future in yachting. All her core technologies are based on today’s reality. It’s only a matter of time before all yachts are made this way. Today, together with Denison and Lateral, we embark on a journey to accelerate towards that future. ‘A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.’”

Ottaviano Iacono, Founder of SuperyachtOne, affirmed this notion: “SuperyachtOne takes great pleasure in supporting visionary yacht projects that embody a harmonious blend of creativity, innovation, and eclecticism. PEGASUS stands as a remarkable concept, fueled by a resolute commitment to sustainability. The alliance between Denison Yachting and Jozeph Forakis on this project is a great satisfaction–it is going to be an exciting collaboration.”

James Roy, Managing Director of Lateral Naval Architects, stated: “Lateral is excited to collaborate with Forakis Design and Denison on the pioneering vision of the PEGASUS 88m design. The project presents an audacious challenge in the field of structural engineering, energy architecture, and manufacturing and we look forward to exploring the boundaries of feasibility, technology readiness, and how these can be accelerated.”

Denison superyacht broker Alex G. Clarke, who represents the project, shared his thoughts: “The yachting industry is filled with awe and wonder–being on the water always seems to bring a sense of calm and happiness to those around it. So it is always exciting to be linked to such a forward-thinking design concept like PEGASUS, which I feel pushes the boundaries of what is possible. To me, PEGASUS will inspire an owner or shipyard to build a vessel that will be one of those iconic yachts that will bring that ‘awe and wonder’ for years to come.”

“Not only is PEGASUS a ground-breaking design,” he continued, “but the smart technology surrounding it–from fuel cells, to hydroponics providing fresh air and food, to zero emission and the use of glass and solar panels–is very inspiring to me. I do feel this is more than a concept and I would love to see a shipyard or owner get involved to help make her a reality. That’s our goal–to help make this project come to life.”

Project PEGASUS 88m

The 88m superyacht’s construction uses robotic 3D printing to create a mesh framework integrating both hull and superstructure. The result is an extraordinarily strong and lightweight structure that can be produced using less energy, material, waste, space, and time compared to conventional construction.

The unique exterior design starts with a low, linear hull with a plumb bow and silver metallic finish, which blends chameleon-like with the water’s colors and movements. This foundation at the waterline supports the superstructure with multi-tiered, ephemeral glass wings that reflect the clouds and the sky.

Like a shape-shifting vessel from the future, the elegant, lattice framework of her 3D-printed structure becomes visible through the reflective glass at certain angles and lighting conditions.

The dramatic triangulated structure allows light to penetrate all levels of the interior while framing the remarkable views in all directions.

New Construction Opportunity With Denison

PEGASUS is a custom design project by Jozeph Forakis that is exclusive with Denison. Alex G. Clarke is the point of contact for starting a conversation about this new build project with Denison. For more information regarding Project PEGASUS, please view full specs or contact Alex G. Clarke.