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Yacht Import & Export

Denison Yacht Sales has provided import and export services to dozens of international clients. 

Utilizing a Denison broker gives you peace of mind the next time you decide to buy or sell your yacht overseas. We can help you with a wide range of international services, from shipping and electrical conversions, to yacht financing and crew placement.

Denison yacht brokers have assisted clients in successful importing yachts from America to: Australia, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, England, Ireland, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, Japan, and South Korea.

Please review a brief list of examples below and email or call us if you’d like Denison Yacht Sales to assist your next international yacht purchase.

C.E. Certification

Yacht CE CertificationAll yachts imported into a European Union member nation must possess a valid C.E. Certification. Many times a yacht has been built with a C.E. stamp, however, several older models, and American-built boats will not have one. Yachts without a C.E. certificate must be inspected and pass certain safety requirements before a stamp can be issued.

For clients yachting in Europe your Denison yacht broker will assist in securing a current C.E. marking for your next yacht. We’ll make sure the process is affordable, timely and easy for you.

Electrical Conversion

Yacht Electrical ConversionFewer things are more annoying for a yacht-owner than pulling into a foreign marina only to realize the shore power doesn’t match with their American plugs.

Getting your yacht ready for cruising anywhere in the world is part of our job. We can help you convert your yacht so she can operate with all the world’s marinas.

Contract Negotiating

Yacht contractWhere will the closing take place? What are the terms of the sea trial? Who will pay for the haul-out? How long will the Buyer be allowed to get financing? What about the tender?

Our team of licensed, bonded and insured yacht brokers in Florida & California will aggressively negotiate on your behalf, making sure the next boat you purchase is bought right, with minimal hassles.

Survey & Sea Trial

Yacht Survey HauloutThe most important part of the buying process is the inspection and sea trial. Your Denison yacht broker will provide you with a list a qualified yacht surveyors, if needed.

Selected yacht surveyors are certified, have more than 10 years experience, have good reputations, and are easily accessible and ready to explain every survey issue you want to discuss.

International Shipping

Yacht ShippingGetting your yacht to your favorite cruising location has never been easier. Shipping your yacht to the Med for the Summer, to Croatia for the Spring, or even to distant passages in Asia in the Winter, can be easy and affordable if planned properly.

There are several yacht shipping options available, from transport ships with sinking bottoms, to container vessels that lift your yacht to the deck by crane.

Your Denison broker can assist you with free quotes, shipping insurance, timing, local delivery and preparation, including battery preservation, locking exterior doors, and throwing away disposables.

Captain & Crew

Yacht Captain and CrewCaptain & Crew: Denison Yacht Sales can assist you with the hiring of your yacht’s captain and crew. We’ll help you interview qualified professionals eager to serve you and your family.

If you’re looking for specific qualities in a captain, such as, diving experience, or medical training at sea, Denison can put you in touch with the right candidates that will fit exactly what you’re looking for.

Yacht Management

Yacht ManagementIf you desire your yacht to be professionally managed by a full-time yacht agency, Denison will assist in selecting a reputable firm to handle all of your yacht’s management needs.

Yacht management firms can assist you with all aspects of running your yacht, from HR needs, accounting, provisioning, legal assistance, and yacht charter options.


Yacht FinancingYour Denison professional can connect you with a qualified lending specialist should you choose to secure financing for your next boat purchase. Denison Yacht Sales has the right financing contacts in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

To review Denison’s Yacht Financing F.A.Q. section click here.

Translating Service

International Yacht BrokerDenison Yacht Sales works closely with several translating services that can assist you with yacht documentation, specification review and negotiating.

Denison highly recommends that you feel completely comfortable signing all contract and documents. Sometimes, having forms translated into language other than English can help.

“…we have come to rely on him greatly…”

This is a letter of recommendation for Jean-Marie Cabri who has served as our boat broker and advisor since 2004. His knowledge is exemplary; his judgment, excellent; and his integrity, superb. He has been honest and forthright in all of our transactions with him such that we have come to rely on him greatly and have never been disappointed.… [read more]

- Richard & Roberta Jones

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