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We have some of the best clients on the planet. Here are some of the great things they've said about us.


“I can sincerely recommend Nathan to anyone who needs to buy or sell a boat…”

I first met Nathan Dotson after he had recently sold a very successful service business, employing as many as 50 people. A mutual friend introduced Nathan to me as a guy that could fill a job opening I had for the First Mate/Second Captain’s position on my 130′ charter motoryacht Sojourn.  Why a successful guy would want to take a position like this was something I questioned. As it turned out, as a kid Nathan worked as a Mate on “Sportfishing Party Boats” and was yearning to relive those early experiences on the ocean, especially on a large motoryacht. So, he was following a passion, something we can all envy and respect.

Being an expert fisherman, seaman, and USCG Captain, with a can-do, pleasing attitude, and as a very responsible mature person he was a great addition to the yacht, and everyone was pleased to have him on board.

Nathan and I became very good friends, and after a while he accepted a land based position in the Project Management Department, at our full-service boat yard, Gambol Industries, located in the Port of Long Beach. Nathan’s first job at Gambol was to enhance his general knowledge of all aspects of repairing and maintaining wood, fiberglass, and metal boats under the tutelage and direction of “Master Boat Builder,” John Bridwell, Vice President of Gambol Industries. He became intimately involved with most of the jobs entering the boat yard and importantly, became skilled at knowing what quality workmanship meant in boat repair and construction.

Again because of his can-do attitude and other personal attributes, including his organizational skills, he served Gambol well in that position.  

After Nathan’s “apprenticeship” in project management he became Director of Business Development and Public Relations for the yard. In this capacity he represented us to our current and prospective customers and also to the trade and community organizations. He excelled at his position and we attribute a lot of our success to having him on staff.

As you can imagine, at Gambol, Nathan is well liked and was much appreciated for his easy going manner. Everyone wishes him the best of luck in his new career in the boat brokerage and yacht sales business. I can sincerely recommend Nathan to anyone who needs to buy or sell a boat – he will work hard for them to accomplish their objectives and will do so in a most efficient and professional manner.

Bob Stein, Gambol Industries, Inc. on Nathan Dotson