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Grant Ninneman was born in East London, South Africa. It was in that quaint coastal city where he developed a love for the ocean through lifeguarding, scuba diving, and surfing. In 1997, Grant’s adventurous spirit prompted him to leave the waves he loved so much in South Africa in order to obtain his Dive Master certification, which he did by working on diving charter boats in the Red Sea.

During this time, Grant came to enjoy the boating world. At the end of his time in Eilat, Israel, Grant pursued his desire to continue working in the boating industry. Grant arrived in South Florida in 1999, where he landed his first job stateside as a scuba diver on a treasure hunting yacht. After a few months of treasure hunting, Grant’s adventurous side once again prompted him to accept an offer as a first mate on an 80’ Hatteras across the Pacific Ocean to Australia.

After 18 months of deep sea adventures, picturesque Pacific island after island, a few treacherous sea tales, and many exotic local cultural encounters; Grant decided it was time to head back to South Florida to work toward obtaining his captain’s license. He took a job working on a 118’ Baglietto jet yacht as first mate. In between seasons in the Med and in the Bahamas, Grant took courses at International Yacht Training. Since 2004, Grant has been captaining 70’ to 80’ motoryachts, doing trips up and down the East Coast from Key West to New England and the Bahamas.

Through his wide range of yachting experiences, Grant has strived to thoroughly understand and appreciate all systems on the vessels he has operated over the years. Grant’s appreciation for excellent nautical design, quality workmanship and innovation in technology led him to jump at the chance to be a part of Denison Yacht Sales as the service manager and Fleet Captain of the Monte Carlo and Beneteau Yachting line for a few seasons. During that period his experience in training new buyers to operate and maintain their new yachts led him into his next leg of the journey as a Sales Consultant and Yachting Instructor where he now thoroughly enjoys sharing the joy of yachting with his clients.

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Grant Ninneman Yacht Listings

D&d Express 54' Sea Ray 2001

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Off Site 50' Beneteau 2017

Miami Beach, Florida

Interactive 44' Aquila 2018

Sunny Isles, Florida

Shamrock 43' Tiara 2018

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Mimar Ii 40' Beneteau 2017

Surfside, Florida

Baby Arielita 37' Sea Ray 2005

Aventura, Florida


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