Our Clients Aren't Trophies, They're
Friends We've Met On Our Journey

We have some of the best clients on the planet. Here are some of the great things they've said about us.


“I will look to no other broker to help me buy my next boat.”

I live in China and decided to buy a sailboat in America. As fate would have it, Fred Schmitt crossed my path – and I am very grateful for this.

Sometimes it seems it’s very hard to trust people you’ve never met overseas. Not the case with Fred.

Fred trusted me, and I trusted Fred. We went through the process of exchanging money for the boat, surveys, packaging, paperwork, and shipping.

Just recently we decided to buy another sailboat, this time in Canada. I did not hesitate to ask Fred if he would go through the whole process again and he did not hesitate to accept the offer. Fred again acted as my yacht broker. Once again, the whole process went smoothly.

Fred and I have never met and have had only one telephone conversation. Every step of the successful purchase, survey, packing, and shipping of these 2 boats has been made possible by Fred.

I am positive that in his local community in Michigan, Fred is a much-respected and liked boating professional.

I will look to no other yacht broker, other than Fred, to help me buy my next boat.

Jon Sims // Ningbo K&S Metals // China on Fred Schmitt