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“Denise stayed involved and committed throughout: no question was too small, no issue too mundane.”

I sailed throughout my formative years, then, as many people do, drifted away from the water, called to career, family, etc. A few years ago, as I watched happy boaters heading out for a day on the water, I wondered why I wasn’t one of them, and decided to buy a boat.

Easier said than done. Where to start? Who to talk to? How much to pay? What kind of boat was right for me? It quickly became apparent that going on Craigslist wasn’t the answer, so I sought out a professional yacht broker.

Luckily, I met Denise George. Her expertise (and patience!) in helping me understand what it was I was really looking for, and what was a realistic goal, made the the whole experience more than a business transaction: she brought me back to boats, and put me back on the water. It was quite a process, and Denise stayed involved and committed throughout: no question was too small, no issue too mundane. Denise responded thoughtfully to all my concerns, took me out on several sea trials, and searched the entire country for the boat that best suited me.

I’m now the proud owner of a beautiful J-32, which I sail solo, with friends, in races, and, most rewardingly, with my 5-year-old son, who absorbs the same lessons and inspiration from the sea that I did back in the day. He hauls lines, jumps on a winch and yells out to other boats with the best of them. Amazing.

So, thanks Denise, for everything. Your guidance and wisdom have lead to more than owning a boat, fantastic as that is: my life is on a whole new course.

Tim Lea // J32 Owner // Southern California on Denise George