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“…extensive market knowledge.”

This letter is a recommendation for Michael Ebeling as your broker. He is an excellent broker due to his quick and thorough follow-up, attention to detail, and extensive market knowledge. Additionally, he has strong broker relationships that ensure a steady amount of deal flow across his desk. We entrusted him with a very important project, and he did an outstanding job. Michael was always very open to new approaches and was very flexible in catering to our needs. This all helped secure the best pricing and terms in our favor. Other than deal flow and market knowledge, I consider these to be extremely important factors in a broker. Throughout the process, Michael always did a great job advising us in terms of the rates, legal obligations, and our responsibilities. He would consistently give us good advice, but would always be cognizant of our project’s limitations or strengths, whether it be capital availability, need for immediate cash flow, or other options in the marketplace that would potentially yield a better result for us. I have worked with a few brokers in various markets over the years. Michael’s attention to detail and outside-of-the-box thinking made him an important asset to our team. It was a pleasure working with Michael, and I think he would be an asset for you.

Chris Vetromile on Michael Ebeling