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“He certainly went above and beyond for me…”

I’ve recently purchased a Sea Ray 460 listed and handled by your Clearwater area broker Lee Hutton. Wanted to get a quick note to you about the total sale process.

I’d been looking for a boat in the 45′-50+’ range… though I’d previously operated (and sold) a Rinker 34, a bigger (to me) boat was something I’d had very little experience with. I was a bit cautious.

Saw the 460 listing just a couple days after it hit the internet, and called about it. Lee was very helpful and informative, told me all about the boat’s history. Boat looked good in pix, and after speaking at length with Lee, we set up an appointment to see the boat.

The boat was exactly as Lee had represented, with its good points and (some) flaws. The boat had essentially sat in the water for over 6 months as the owner (and family) decided how to proceed.

Lee took me through the boat, showed me all the features etc, and put a number of the systems through their paces to verify operation. He found quite a few items which needed attention.

At that point I was discouraged; the boat seemed to need more attention than I was able/willing to give it. Lee assured me all those items would be addressed and fixed before any sale… told me he ‘wouldn’t represent a boat that didn’t run properly’. Also indicated those repairs would be done by the seller.

After Lee got a good handle on that repair timing (and cost, I assume) he contacted me and we settled on a sale price. My big concern was I’m on the FLA east coast, boat’s on the other side of the state, I really couldn’t oversee any of that work. Lee assured me he’d essentially ‘manage’ the repair process, would use tradesmen familiar with that boat, and would keep me fully informed of progress. And that’s EXACTLY what he did.

Throughout that repair process, and the various minor issues needing to be addressed after the survey, Lee handled it all and kept me informed – all with a sharp eye on my budget. Boat was finished and ready for transport within the timing we’d set, and everything WORKED!

All in all, I wouldn’t have bought this boat without Lee’s expertise, direct assurances, and, certainly, his help. His knowledge of this boat and his relationship with all the local trades working on it were invaluable. From the first time I stepped on the boat until it left for my home marina, Lee Hutton oversaw and directed all the work performed, assured that it was being done properly, and kept me fully informed. When all was complete, Lee introduced me to the various tradesmen who’d done the work…all of whom are tops in their areas. Very valuable to have those guys as a resource.

I can’t really express how much I appreciate all the effort Lee put into this process. I’m very grateful for all the time and attention Lee gave me. He certainly went above and beyond for me…

Really all I can say is…’THANKS LEE!’. I’d recommend him to anyone buying or selling a boat. His knowledge, experience, and helpfulness are absolutely top-flight. A true professional.


Steve Kartholl // Melbourne, FL // Sea Ray 460 Owner on Lee Hutton