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“…glad Tom was there to help me through it.”

It is not easy to find a buyer for a 20 year old boat.  We did…

It is not easy to decide the ‘right’ price for a 20 year old, but well maintained boat.  We gradually dropped our price over an 18 month period. We carefully documented the 7 minor problems with the boat (i.e., needs a new canvas top, needs new ‘outdoor’ carpet around the cockpit, etc…..)

Tom Myers found a buyer who offered 20% below our posted price.  This was not acceptable. Tom suggested we counter at about a 10% discount.  We challenged this idea and he backed it up with ‘equivalent’ sales data off all of the internet sites… We countered at 10% off, and Tom firmly negotiate with the buyer until he accepted our counter.

Tom organized and attended the sea trial.  I was very nervous about the sea trial and was glad Tom was there to help me through it.  The sea trial went well, with just a few minor ‘unknowns’ and the buyer accepted the boat.  Tom was able to hold the price without further discounting. Tom organized all the title transfer paper work and the details of getting the money into my account.  They got clear title to the boat, I got my money.  This sounds simple, but it is really more complicated than you might think Everything went well.  I think both the buyer and the seller are happy with the deal and the way the details were handled.


John Trube on Tom Myers