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“Mike did everything possible…”

Yet another GREAT experience with your firm.  As per previous, Wiley Sharp, one of your associates in St Thomas produced the ad and the expertise to sell our Lagoon 400.   While Wiley handled the paperwork and dealing with the Buyer’s Broker to complete the sale, he was able to rely on another one of your associates in Ft Lauderdale to handle the physical aspects of the closing.  Michael Ebeling met us at the marina when we arrived in Ft Lauderdale from Puerto Rico.  Mike not only suggested several local restaurants within walking distance of the marina, he turned us on to qualified shops to fix the last few details prior to sale.  He was on the boat when it was hauled and then with us on the Sea Trials with the Buyer.  It is my understanding that he went on AFTER the sale and helped the new Owner find a qualified Skipper and even helped him move the boat to another haulout for bottom paint and some minor repairs.  A complete job.

BUT, that is just the start.  See, we wanted to go “back” to power boats and that is Mike’s specialty.  We gave Mike our parameters and our budget and he started producing boats that fell within both.  With his contacts, it only took a couple of days for us to narrow it down to three models.  Mike found one of each model nearby while we were still in Florida.  A brief tour of each of the three and we both decided on the Carver Voyager 530.  Again, Mike with his additional sources came up with every 530 for sale in the US and here is where it gets interesting.  See, the one we chose was in California.  Long ways from Mike in Florida and a long ways for us from Alaska. While we were convinced it was the best one how do we make sure.  Again though, Mike was able to tap into your network of associates, finding several in California who were able to recommend the BEST surveyor, diesel mechanic, etc.  It was very comforting traveling from Alaska to California knowing we were able to rely on these professionals that had been recommended by your associates.  BIG help.  Of course, Mike traveled from Florida for the survey and subsequent negotiations to finalize the sale.  Oh yes, while Mike was not familiar with restaurants in that area, he did know who to ask and that worked out GREAT too:-)

Mike’s knowledge, additional sources and salesmanship made this whole process VERY smooth and reassuring.  We would recommend him highly to anyone looking to buy or to sell any kind of power boat.  We have no problem with you passing on our names and our contact information to anyone you think might benefit from this.  Mike did everything possible including traveling clear across the country to make this experience as trouble free as possible.  We love our new boat and thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Mike and your company.

Jim & Jamie Bagley on Michael Ebeling