Our Clients Aren't Trophies, They're
Friends We've Met On Our Journey

We have some of the best clients on the planet. Here are some of the great things they've said about us.


“No question went unanswered and no idea was left untouched.”

As I entered my mid 50’s in life, I decided it was time to pull the plug and enter the world of boat ownership. Having been in a boat club member for years I wanted a change.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Chad Robertson for many years and immediately called upon him for help and guidance. I knew nothing about the boat world.

From day one, Chad was a mentor and teacher. Instead of the typical used car salesman approach, he guided me towards and away from various boats Chad showed me what to look for and what to look out for. No question went unanswered and no idea was left untouched.

We looked at many boats and finally found the right one. I appreciate Chad having my best interest and getting top notch inspectors to survey the boat. Chad was instrumental in the negotiation aspect.

I consider Chad a friend and an advisor and would absolutely recommend him and your company to others. It’s hard to find quality people like Chad who actually care about their clients and know their product.

Thanks for making my dream come true. I hope to participate in some on the Denison events.

Allan Greissman // Sea Ray Owner on Chad Robertson