A Day In The Life Of A Yacht Charter: Guest’s Lunch

December 6, 2015 7:34 pm

Day 3 of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show was another day filled with exploration and invitation.  I had the pleasure of touring some spectacular superyachts, to see first hand which details set each of them apart.

The highlight of today was having lunch onboard the spectacular 164’ Delta motoryacht called Victoria Del Mar.  Being guest to a lunch like this is a little snapshot of what you will experience during your private yacht charter.  Greeted with hand towels, bubbles, and canapés, you are invited to mingle in the main salon with the other 9 guests.  You scan the menu, custom-designed by the chef, and take a seat at the luxuriously set lunch table, which sparkles with silver and crystal.  Then the magic begins, the stewardesses take care to make sure each detail is perfectly executed, each course is introduced and explained, and each guest is best attended to.  The yacht chef, in this case, Dutch-born Chef Jasper Somers, brings the table to life with his elegant culinary creations. It is art on fine china, and there will be no tiny detail overlooked.


Our starting course is a tri-color beetroot salad, which is paired with a refreshing glass of Whispering Angel rose.  This dish is so delicately arranged that it almost looks too good to eat, however, we do not delay in devouring every portion.  The stewardesses, in sync, simultaneously clear each guest’s plate and return with the main course.  For this good fortune we are each presented with a perfect portion of fresh wahoo, seared to perfection, laid upon a bed of exotic purple kale and sweet potato puree, then surrounded with a splash of ginger spice tomato sauce.  The fish is both hearty and moist, the sweet potatoes are rich and perfectly complemented by the slight hint of spice in the sauce. A crisp, dry Cloudy Bay sauvignon blanc from New Zealand is offered as an ideal pairing for the wahoo.  Not a single plate leaves the table unfinished, and compliments are shared all around with the captain for the amazing work of his chef.

Yacht Charter 3-Course Meal

The third and final course becomes the grand finale – a grapefruit and Campari sorbet made fresh by the chef, served upon a dollop of sweet cream sauce, topped with edible flowers, a mint sprig, and homemade meringue twigs.  The subtle tartness of the grapefruit is exquisite and even the flowers are devoured by all.  Espressos with biscotti and cappuccinos dusted with cocoa are served, as the chef reveals himself, met by many applause.  Also multi-lingual, he gives a brief introduction of himself to the guests in 5 different languages.  After the lunch concludes, guests disperse to tour the boat and/or speak with the captain and crew, then we each depart with a gift bag in hand filled with Victoria Del Mar memorabilia to take home.

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This fantastic display of fine service and culinary delight was a mere two hours out of a busy day today, but it is a prime example of the unparalleled special treatment and unforgettable experiences you will enjoy on a superyacht charter.  These are the details that set the experience apart from any other getaway, and they are a key part of what makes these vessels absolutely breathtaking.

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