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“He was an incredible help, with his tactful assurance and his attentive coaching.”

We would like to both thank and congratulate you, for having such a great member of your team, Mr. Jordan Preusz. He was our yacht broker during our recent trade from an older Beneteau to a brand new one.

We met Jordan at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and were very impressed with his knowledge and attention to his potential customers. Even though a trade in was only a thought in our mind, he helped us to solidify it, by showing us, our current boat. The more we have learned about the cutting edge innovative and versatile features of 2016 Beneteau GT 40, the more we have realized, how this new boat addresses almost all of our concerns with the older version and others in this category. It simply was “the shining star” of the boat show! Jordan’s competent but friendly approach, gave us the confidence to start the trade-in process.

Interestingly, Jordan demonstrated his true skills, going far beyond a great salesmanship;  after we had signed the initial agreement. It turns out, a trade in for a boat is much more complicated, then a trade in for a car. Agreeing to a financial amount is only part of it. There are survey and sea trials, where the surveyor gets paid to find every single detail wrong, with an older boat. A customer potentially can get exhausted, with the demands; may even get somewhat offended. This where Jordan’s genuine people skills and cool attitude shined! He made this process very easy, and much less painful,  then it could have been. He shielded and soothed  both “the buyers” and ” the sellers” remorse; both of which could have complicated the process.

He was an incredible help,  with his tactful assurance and his attentive coaching. In medicine, we call this ” good bedside manners “. He certainly had the best!.  

It was also amazing that, he was always available with texts, even during the Thanksgiving holiday, to all our concerns and questions. This asset must be incredibly hard to find, in an industry which caters to leisure.

We are very happy with our purchase and expecting its arrival, after an anti foul painting and completion of several details. Jordan continues to be available. His attention and care, did not diminish, after the purchase and payments. He introduced us to two very competent Denison employees, Gilles and Sydney. In addition to being very knowledgeable, they both are very pleasant and incredibly helpful.

We wished to express our gratitude to Jordan and you, by writing this testimony. You are welcome to use it at your site and forward it to Beneteau America. Through the success of the Denison team, Beneteau will  certainly see a fast paced growth in this area, with the best “word of mouth compliments”, from highly satisfied customers like ourselves.

Thank you again,  for having such a helpful and successful broker who has made us very happy to join the Denison family!

B Bilir MD FACP FAASLD & E Nutku-Bilir MD PhD // Beneteau GT 40 Owners on Jordan Preusz