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Our Clients Aren't Trophies, They're
Friends We've Met On Our Journey

We have some of the best clients on the planet. Here are some of the great things they've said about us.


“…I appreciated his sincere and committed approach…”

I have known Ken for a long time, memory fails but it is probably since I first got into this business some 30 odd years ago.

He was always active and as I got to deal with him on projects, later on, I appreciated his sincere and committed approach in the way he dealt with his clients and potential customers, always honest, attentive and telling it how it is, whether about negotiations on sales, purchases, construction and sometimes on design. 

That, to me is an indication that he knows his stuff, always having his client’s best interest at heart.  I wish him success in his future ventures.

Donald Starkey // Donald Starkey Designs on Ken Denison