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We have some of the best clients on the planet. Here are some of the great things they've said about us.


“In addition to all of his knowledge & experience, Bill has a great sense of humor.”

My husband Kipp and I have been on a 6 month search for a Sport Coupe Cruisers Yacht. We have traveled to Utah, Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida twice; in search for this one particular brand in vessel. It was exhausting and vey disappointing at times, until my husband found Rodney Robertson.  He stepped up and took the reigns from us and worked due diligently around the clock in search of our dream boat. 
My husband being a business owner, and myself being a real estate agent, we’re completely blown away with Rodney’s professionalism as well as his passion for customer service and satisfaction. He conducted several appointments for us, was there for three different sea trials and boat surveys, which one of those surveys was in Buford, GA. He was there for the shrink wrap and transporting appointments and several other appointments that were required before the delivery of the boat was made, because we could not fly down there for them. He picked us up from the airport in Ft. Lauderdale twice, so we could look at two different Sport Coupes’.
He took us out to a beautiful lunch on the water and was a great host. He emailed, called, or texted us daily on each step of the process and made countless phone calls and emails on or behalf. When he did not know the answer to something, he followed through with his promises to research and find the answer and get back with us in a timely matter. He figured out our wants and needs immediately. He looked at boats for us if we could not make the trip and knew by the condition, it we would like it or not. Rodney found and previewed the boat that we ended up buying, before he even sent us the listing information. He took tons of pictures for us on the items he knew that concerned us the most. He hit the nail on the head, this boat was perfect. Rodney was not only our broker, but he became our friend. He has done so much more, that I can not even express the gratitude my husband and I have for Rodney and his family. 
We have praised Rodney and Denison Yachting to all of our friends and boating community up here in Michigan. We enjoyed Rodney’s sense of humor and his caring passion for his work. We would highly recommend Rodney to assist any of our friends and family, even the picker ones than us. 


Theresa Rammler on Rodney Robertson