4 Reasons Why You Should Co-Own A Yacht

April 18, 2019 1:14 pm

Have you ever driven by a marina on a beautiful day and wondered why so many boats were docked? You may find yourself wondering why the owners aren’t getting full use out of their boat. In the same way that owners of vacation homes, planes, and similar luxuries quickly discover, they rarely get as much use as they’d expected. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if we told you that a special kind of yacht ownership could be beneficial for you in more ways than the obvious? Co-ownership is the timeshare of the yachting world. It’s a sustainable option and gives you the joy of yacht life without having sole responsibility for its upkeep. At first, you may think that a co-ownership isn’t for you, but before you write it off, here are some of the incredible benefits.

#1 — It’s More Affordable

Purchasing a yacht is a luxury, many cannot afford. Co-ownership makes that luxury accessible. The cost of the yacht is shared, as well as the cost of upkeep and any updates. The goal of both co-ownership and sole-ownership is to spend time on the water, but with this option you have minimal costs and just as much fun.

#2 — It’s Less Burdensome

The maintenance of your yacht is very important. When you have multiple owners, that upkeep is shared. With co-ownership, you can enjoy the benefits of yacht life without being solely responsible for the boat’s management. This is especially enjoyable for those who want yacht life but hesitate because of the required maintenance.

#3 — You Can Make Your Money Back

When you aren’t on the water, charter it out. In the same way that owners of vacation homes rent them out while they’re away, you can charter your yacht. You can easily profit from this investment, making the co-ownership the most affordable and smartest route to putting money back in your wallet. This option also increases your boat’s longevity since they need to be used often to stay “healthy”.

#4 — Your Yacht Won’t Get Lonely

As mentioned earlier, many boats sit at a dock for weeks, months, and sometimes years. Imagine purchasing a yacht as the sole owner and knowing that it is sitting at a dock unused on a beautiful day. When co-owned, you can be assured that your investment is not wasted because it will be used drastically more than in a sole-ownership.

Does yacht co-ownership sound like a good fit for you and your family? While it isn’t for everyone, there are incredible benefits to this option leaving the owners with equal or more enjoyment than sole-ownership.

Currently, Denison has a 101′ Hargrave, MB3, centrally listed for sale, which we believe, would make an ideal option for someone exploring co-owning a yacht, especially with a desire to put her into a charter program.

She is currently chartering so actively nearly 100% of her annual operating costs have been recovered. Call yacht broker Alex Clarke for more details. (203) 722-3047.

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