Best Personal Submarines For Megayachts [Top 7]

June 14, 2019 3:03 pm

7 Of The Best Subs For Megayachts Available On Today’s Market

Superyacht owners love their toys and for those who already have jet skis, jacuzzis and helipads, submersibles are the latest must-have accessory. With a typical dive-time of six to eight hours and maximum operating depth of around 500 feet, the first mini submersibles were sold for tourism and scientific use. Until recently, the development of the private submarine market was slow since only a few yachts were large enough to handle them. Because the submarine is usually launched with a crane and stored in a garage when not in use, a superyacht needs exceptional lifting capacity in addition to a well-trained and experienced crew.

The price for a personal submarine starts at about $1 million. The market has grown alongside the jump in wealth for the top 1%, and a drop in the average age of today’s millionaires. Submerged time, payload capacity and maximum depth can greatly affect the cost of a private sub, and custom submersibles with all the bells and whistles can easily reach into the tens of millions. In no particular order, here are seven of the best personal subs for megayachts available on today’s market.

Triton Submarine

The Triton will take a pilot and two passengers to a depth of 1,650 feet in comfort and security. The ability to remained submerged for up to 12 hours is exceptional for a mini sub this size. With its ultra-low profile, compact footprint and lightweight design, the Triton is ideally suited to deployment from tender garage. About $3.3 million.

Ocean Pearl

The Ocean Pearl is a 2-person mini submarine for luxury yachts. The clamshell design provides a large hatch that allows easy boarding. The Ocean Pearl can perform multiple dives in a day without the need of hoisting it back on deck of the ship. Maximumoperating depth is 500 feet with a mission time of up to six hours. About $2.5 million.

Deep Flight Dragon

Designed to fly alongside large marine mammals, the two-person Dragon does not rely on ballast (using water to descend), but flies beneath the surface to 330 feet using an electric motor. Dive times can last six hours. DeepFlight is working with Princess Yachts to fit a Dragon in the tender garage of a Princess 40M. About $1.7 million.

Aurora 6

The Aurora-6, built for the superyacht crowd by California-based Seamagine, seats a pilot and five passengers including three in the leather swivel chairs in a rear “guest lounge.” There’s also a toilet in the hull seriously! The sub is rated for depths of 3,300 feet and can remain undersea for as long as eight hours. About $5 million.

Neyk Submarine

This ultra-modern 63-foot luxury sub is capable of diving down to 1,000 feet. With six feet of headroom and a jet-style cockpit, the Neyk sub can accommodate 12 guests. The transparent nose cone provides a clear view of the ocean floor. A retractable undercarriage allows it to drive up a ramp under its own power. Over $20 million.

C-Explorer 5

The 5-seat C-Explorer has a maximum depth of up to 1,000 feet and underwater running time is about 8 hours. The transparent acrylic hull provides 360-degree views while its climate controlled cabin keeps all occupants comfortable. The dual-pontoon hull design insures excellent stability in rough water. About $1.3 million.

Project Neptune

Project Neptune is a collaboration between Triton Submarines and British car maker Aston Martin. The unlikely partners have been working on a 3-person luxury submarine that can stay underwater for eight hours at a depth to 1,640 feet. The custom interior is a mix of hand-stitched leather and carbon fiber trim. About $4 million.

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