Winter Yacht Charter Vacation [Bahamas + Caribbean Guide]

November 5, 2019 3:35 pm

This upcoming winter season is the ideal time to travel to the Caribbean and the Bahamas to get away from the cold. For those who want to take the road less traveled to exotic, private destinations, the perfect way to see these islands is taking a charter yacht vacation.

The winter cold can be brutal – why not cruise to a sunny destination just waiting to be explored? One of the most popular winter hot spots is the Caribbean, and with good reason. Whether you take on exploring the historic side of the Caribbean in Cuba, explore crystal clear water in the Leeward Islands, or scuba diving in the British Virgin Island, the Caribbean has something for everyone.

Leeward Island Winter Charter

Take a walk down memory lane as you enjoy the nostalgia of old Cuba. Visit the old hotels and casinos which once made Havana the Las Vegas of the Caribbean, or scuba dive over centuries-old shipwrecks. Be sure to mingle with locals and see first-hand why Cuba is known for its charm.

The British Virgin Islands offers so many things to explore, it seems that no matter how many times you visit, there’s a new corner of paradise that is ready to be explored. While in the British Virgin Islands, visit Norman Island, a location rumored to have been the inspiration for “Treasure Island”, Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic novel.

Perhaps the best cruising waters in the Caribbean worth a visit are the Leeward Islands, just between Puerto Rico and Dominica. These islands are made up of a St. Martin, historic Antigua, St. Kitts and Nevis, and of course, the famous St. Barths. St. Barths is famous for being an ideal spot to ring in the new year, making it a natural favorite for a Winter charter trip. Whether you’re overlooking Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua, or exploring the lush landscape of St. Kitts and Nevis, you are sure to find the perfect blend of luxury and nature in the Leeward Islands.

Bahamas Winter Charter

Last, but certainly not least, is the Bahamas. They say “It’s better in the Bahamas,” and it’s no secret why. Travel to the Exuma Islands, known for their idyllic blue waters, full of white sand beaches and picturesque sandbars, just waiting for you to enjoy a day in the sun. Whether you swim with the pigs at Big Major’s Spot, explore the reefs with the fish, or enjoy a cocktail or two at some of the most famously fun bars in the Bahamas has to offer, you are in for a guaranteed good time in the Bahamas.

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