Top 3 Reasons To Charter Vs. Cruise This Spring

March 6, 2020 11:57 am

Ditch the crowded cruise ships this season and opt for a private yacht charter vacation: a luxury experience tailor-made for you.

Imagine your charter yacht as a floating villa, staffed with crew trained to discreet and attentive seven-star standards, as well as a chef who learned their gourmet skills in the finest restaurants around the world. Unlike a resort, you don’t have to share the staff – or the spa tub – with anyone else. And unlike even the best villas on land, you get to have a new view every day while all your luxury accoutrements come along with you. 

3. A Vacation Custom-Designed For You

yacht charter vs cruise ships

Your yacht vacation will be carefully tailored by your charter broker and the yacht’s captain to meet and exceed all your expectations. Cruise ships offer one-size-fits-all excursions, sure to be flooded with tourists and typically only a few short hours to get your activity completed before filing back onto the ship. A yacht charter allows you to choose the activities you want, for as long as you want.

Want to put the first footprints on a deserted beach? Or dance until the wee hours at the hottest clubs? No problem. Hone your skills on a paddleboard, snorkel where squadrons of rainbow-colored tropical fish swarm around your face mask, zoom across the water on a jet ski, or try to break the bank at the Monte-Carlo casino? If shopping is your sport, explore chic boutiques in St. Barths and Saint-Tropez. A luxury charter yacht vacation is most definitely bespoke because no two are ever alike.

2. Highest Quality Service + Accommodations

yacht charter vs cruise ships

Gone are the days of small cabins and basic all-day buffets. Linger over a multi-course dinner prepared exactly to your taste, right down to a perfect crème brulée. Laze in your soft bed before being served fluffy croissants and freshly squeezed orange juice (perhaps a mimosa?) on the sun-warmed aft deck. And end your day sipping icy champagne in a bubbling spa tub under the stars. The suites and staterooms aboard luxury yachts can put the finest penthouses to shame, while guests wanting seclusion can enjoy their privacy far from prying eyes. And, in a world with disturbing headlines, the security aboard a luxury charter yacht is an absolute.

Don’t worry about being out of touch, either: modern luxury yachts have better communication systems than you have in your office. From satellite communications to Wi-Fi to video conferencing, you’ll be able to keep an eye on business while your family plays. While cruise ships offer limited wi-fi, if any, with a hefty price tag, a chartered yacht will allow for straightforward communication at your fingertips.

Luxury charter yachts are one-of-a-kind vessels, designed by noted naval architects, built by the premier shipyards around the world, and equipped with the very latest in entertainment, safety and security technology. Your crew is multi-talented, often including nurses or paramedics, massage therapists, hairdressers, fishing guides and personal trainers. Many yachts are designed with disabled access in mind with elevators between decks.

1. Get More Quality Time

yacht charter vs cruise ships

Cruise ships are crowded, with thousands of strangers swimming in the pool, taking up dinner reservations, and scheduling spa appointments, forcing you to coordinate your quality time around someone else’s schedule. With chartering, you can take as many – or as few – family members and friends as you care to invite aboard your personal floating pleasure palace, and a luxury charter yacht is perfect for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or business successes.

For kids, a luxury charter is a “best-ever” vacation. The crew can help them catch fish, learn to snorkel or windsurf, and they will love the myriad water toys found aboard charter yachts, such as the towed inflatables (for roller-coaster rides), while big kids will enjoy the high-tech, high-octane toys on offer today, such as drones and flyboards.

Expect the unexpected, too. Your crew may surprise you with a pirate-themed costumed dinner party or plan a secret picnic for you on a deserted beach. In fact, many crews are so beloved for their know-how and their sense of fun that they develop a following of charter clients who book the same yacht year after year.

With a charter yacht, you can make your vacation anything you want, from mild to wild, and change it again overnight. Whatever your dreams, chartering a luxury yacht is the best way to turn them into special and lasting memories. The world, aboard a luxury charter, is truly your oyster.

With Spring Break in full swing, and the Summer season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to book a yacht charter for your next vacation.

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