What Travel Restrictions + Covid-19 Means For Yacht Charters

May 19, 2020 3:51 pm

Denison Charter Broker Eva Hiebert answers questions on the state of yacht charters in the current climate.

Escaping to vacation on a charter yacht with your closest friends or family may sound like the ideal reprieve after months of isolation. With Covid-19 restrictions lifting in certain areas, what can charter yacht Captains, crew, and charterers expect as we move into the Summer months? Denison Charter Broker Eva Hiebert gives us a breakdown.

Q: Are you seeing charter enquiries increasing as certain travel restrictions are lifted and so what areas?

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A: Yes, there has been a recent uptick in charter inquiries especially since South Florida boating restrictions have relaxed. The main focus has been on Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the Keys. It seems most clients are looking to stay state-side; there has also been interest in New England for late summer charters. I also believe we will see an influx of Bahamas bookings once the travel and boating restrictions are lifted.

Q: Why should someone consider a private yacht charter versus a traditional vacation their first vacation post stay at home orders are lifted?

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A: A private yacht charter is quite different from a traditional vacation it provides the guests with privacy and luxury. During this global climate it is nice to have the option to travel with your family and ‘get lost’ in the Exumas for example. Yacht charter provides guests with the option to have as much or as little interaction with the outside world. In addition every guest gets  a premium ocean-view accommodation, and unlike a hotel, the view is different every day. Charter guests will dine without ever needing a reservation, and their gourmet meals will be prepared precisely to their tastes and dietary restrictions. Charter yachts are also held to extremely high standards of tidiness, security and safety. With stringent flag-state guidelines in pace guests can feel confident that their well-being is in good hands.

Q: Do you think US clients will be want to stay close to home and charter within the United States?

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A: I do believe that with travel restrictions still in flux it will be easier for US clients to reach popular charter destinations such as Alaska, New England and Florida making these locations more popular this summer.

Q: What areas would you advise your clients to consider this summer?

I would suggest Alaska, Maine, South Florida and the US Virgin Islands. I am also optimistic that the Bahamas may be a viable option at the tail end of the summer. (Here’s hoping!)

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