Our Clients Aren't Trophies, They're
Friends We've Met On Our Journey

We have some of the best clients on the planet. Here are some of the great things they've said about us.


“David was on top of every detail by his due diligence “

I wanted to drop you this missive about my experience purchasing a used boat.  Far too often people only make time to complain. I hope that one day EVERYONE can relate their positive experiences, as I just have had.

I subscribed to your website as part of my boat search. In the course of checking out several boats I met several of your yacht brokers.

David Hicks made several pitches to me of some boats in the size, particulars, and price range I was looking for, but all were saltwater boats. I had in my own mind that a lake boat would probably be in better shape.

I’m no genius, but that effort I made to involve David was GENIUS.  He eventually was able to convince the Seller’s to a price more to my liking. He was on top of every detail by his due diligence and gave me direction on tasks I should perform or engage others in to make my purchase a success. Once the deal was made he assisted me with the yacht transport issue.

But that was not the end in David’s mind. He had inquired about me personally and found out that my last boat was over 20 years ago and that I was 70 and doing dialysis 9 hours per day. When the boat arrived, my yacht broker, DAVID HICKS arrived! “I’m here to check out the boat with you and I want to help you get it in the water”.

David advised me that he came to stay for 2 days and he just wanted me to be happy.  That two days ended up to 7 days because of issues both with the boat and the marina. The first night David stayed in a hotel. I have a fairly decent home, I offered but he did not want to impose. UNTIL my wife met David at the boat and insisted he stay as our guest.

I want you to know that I expect David to be our friend for as long as we are around, and that he is without a doubt a credit to the Denison Family.

I wish you continued success and health and I have already begun to recommend several potential boat buyers to David.

Ronnie Thomas

Ronnie Thomas on David Hicks