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“Riccardo’s eagerness and efforts were unmatched”

I thought I would take a moment to highlight what a tremendous experience we have had working with Riccardo Solci and Denison Yachting…TWICE!

As a way of background, I was a “call in” one Saturday morning looking to find out about an Azimut my family and I were interesting in looking at. Although I had used a broker from another yacht brokerage firm in the past, my experience soured with him due to lack of effort and enthusiasm to help us. So I called directly into Denison and Riccardo was there to pick up the phone. Not only was he extremely polite, but he was eager and willing to help us find exactly what we wanted.

He immediately emailed us a bunch of potential boats that fit our criteria, and scheduled a bunch of showings, on a Sunday no less! We were quickly impressed with Riccardo and his opinions, knowledge and patience! The very first boat (Sea Ray 510 Fly) he showed us, we fell in love with and purchased! He walked us through every step with confidence and calmed us down during the Corona Virus nonsense when we thought we would back out of the deal. Thankfully he was correct in helping us continue on with the purchase! We absolutely love the boat! Also to note, Lysandra Coelho was fantastic as well! She helped us through all the paperwork and made a complicated process extremely simple!

We also wanted to sell our current boat, in an environment that seemed to be filled with uncertainty, and the likelihood it would sit on the market for a long time. I entrusted Riccardo to list our boat (Scout 320 LXF) above the local Scout dealer in Stuart. Again, his eagerness and efforts were unmatched as he continually found interested buyers, and he drove up from Miami to our home to show the boat tons of times…driving over 100 miles each way from Miami to Palm City. Not only did the boat sell faster than I thought, but we got more money than we expected as well! And I know for a fact, this is due to Riccardo! And again, thank you to Lysandra as well!

I could go on and on about Riccardo. I just thought it would be helpful for you to know the quality of your staff and the wonderful experience we have had!

Thank you again to Riccardo and the Denison Team!

Chris Sadaka on Riccardo Solci