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Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts For Any Boater [2020 Gift Guide]

June 19, 2020 4:07 pm

Father’s Day 2020 is around the corner. Catamaran expert Wiley Sharp shares his favorite gift ideas for boaters.

Looking for a last minute Father’s Day gift? Celebrate your dad with gifts he’ll actually use with our gift guide. Whether your family spends this Father’s Day on the water, or at home, these picks are beat a tie any day of the week.

*The links to these products are affiliate links, meaning if you choose to purchase any product, Wiley Sharp will earn a small percentage.

5. Sperry Havasu Flip Flops

Why It’s Great: Every dad needs a good pair of flip flops, and these are a reliable choice both on and off the water. These flip flops are non-skid, provide excellent traction both on the bottom of the sole and on the pad.

4. Rheos Sunglasses

Why It’s Great: These sunglasses are polarized, and are perfect for boaters because they float, meaning you minimize the risk of losing yet another pair of sunglasses that have sunk to the ocean floor.

5 fathers day gifts for the boater

3. Colombia Long Sleeve Sun Shirt

Why It’s Great: This is perfect for the dad who is always getting sunburned. The quailty is really what sets this sunshirt apart from others. It provides SPF 50 protection, is lightweight, and soft to the touch. This is a must-have for your dad’s next fishing trip.

5 fathers day gifts for the boater

2. RTIC Cooler

Why It’s Great: Spacious enough to hold a few bottles of wine and your lunch, or pack it full of 40 cans of beer for a boozy day on the water. Keep bottle openers handy in the front zipper pocket, and you’re ready for your next summer day in the sun.

5 fathers day gifts for the boater

1. Cooler Shock Ice Packs

Why It’s Great: These ice packs are reusable and the perfect way to keep food and drinks cold while avoiding the inevitable mess of melted ice at the end of the day. Fill them with water and an icy-gel will form, keeping your cooler cold throughout the day.

5 fathers day gifts for the boater

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