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Own A Private Yacht Charter In The Florida Keys

Marina Nazario | November 10, 2020

Sailing charters in the Florida Keys are an excellent way for owners to offset expenses.

Have you ever dreamed of owning a catamaran? The multi-hulled vessel offers a comfortable way to sail to new destinations. But as with owning any yacht or boat, catamarans take a lot of time, effort, and money to maintain. As an owner, you may not have the availability to use your catamaran every weekend (if so, please tell us your secrets) — yet one way to offset costs is to charter your yacht through a private company.

The Florida Keys is a booming place for catamaran charters because it’s a year-round destination with incredible sailing opportunities. And considering COVID-19, chartering is one of the safest options for luxury travel. The Excess brand, specifically the Excess 15, is the perfect catamaran for sailing in the Florida Keys. Her outstanding performance and elevated comfort upgrade the owner or charter guest experience. We’re highlighting the top three charter destinations in the Florida Keys, and how the Excess 15 will help owners and charter guests have an excellent vacation.

Key Largo

Key Largo is a memorable place to stop during a Florida Keys sailing charter. Here, guests can visit Ocean Reef Club, a resort on the northern tip of Key Largo with a private marina that offers high levels of service to charters and their guests. Spend a day enjoying the 36-hole golf course, tennis courts, spa, or restaurants. The Raw Bar at Ocean Reef is the best spot to eat fresh oysters, clams, stone crabs (in season), and fish in Key Largo.

The Keys are full of nature and wildlife. Take the Excess 15 to Key Largo Dry Rocks, one of the most famous and popular snorkel spots in the Florida Keys. The water is about 25 feet deep and perfect for beginner-level snorkelers. Guests can snap a picture with Christ of the Abyss and swim among colorful fish, brain corals, and sea fans. A Key Largo sailing charter has plenty of opportunities for relaxation and new experiences.


Sail the Excess 15 down or up the Florida Keys to stop at Islamorada. Sailing off the coast of Islamorada means plenty of adventures such as diving, swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. While you’ll definitely see wild dolphins jumping in the blue waters of the Florida Keys, charter guests should stop at Theater of the Sea to watch a dolphin and sea lion show. Here, guests can swim with and learn about bottlenose dolphins, stingrays, and sea lions in a controlled environment.

Avid snorkelers and scuba divers can check out the Florida Keys History of Diving Museum, which hosts one of the world’s largest collection of historic dive equipment. The museum features a gallery of artifacts and recovery tools used by treasure hunter Art McKee. It also exhibits the Parade of Nations, a gallery of historic dive helmets from 25 nations. Islamorada has a rich history that’s worth learning about during a sailing charter in the Florida Keys.

Key West

Key West is one of the best Florida yacht charter destinations. It’s a great spot for snorkeling through colorful coral reefs, enjoying incredible sunsets, and watching live entertainment. On land, guests can check out the local art galleries, boutique shops, seafood restaurants, and lively bars that give Key West a quirky edge. Head back to the catamaran as the sun goes down to catch one of the best sunsets in Florida. Nothing beats that orange Key West sky while enjoying a sundowner.

Bluesail Charter Program

The Florida Keys is one of the best destination to own a private yacht charter. There are plenty of coastal spots to hop around while sailing, boating, or yachting. Bluesail is a charter program that operates a fleet of privately owned catamarans out of Stock Island Marina. The business is different from other charter companies as they help catamaran owners with boat maintenance, costs, and hands-on sailing instruction. Bluesail CEO, Scott Mayer is looking to add an Excess 15 to his charter fleet.

“The Excess 15 exceeds all boats for charter in Key West,” said Scott. “She has luxury, style, sail-ability, and onboard amenities. Excess 15 is not only sexy, but also has the performance and comfort that are not available on other cats.”

The Excess 15 is the perfect catamaran for a Florida Keys charter. She offers space, luxury, and comfort, which upgrades the sailing experience for owners and charter guests. While the Excess 15 is an advanced catamaran to operate, Bluesail offers hands-on instruction to help owners confidently sail around the Florida Keys and beyond. Interested in owning an Excess catamaran? Contact a Denison yacht broker to learn more about how to own a private yacht charter.