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Top 6 Features On The Sea Force 510 Center Console

Marina Nazario | December 11, 2020

Learn about one of the fastest and most comfortable center consoles on the market.

Have you been dreaming about the ultimate ride your entire life? We might have found exactly what you’re looking for. The Sea Force 510 Center Console is one of the (for lack of a better word) coolest center console boats you’ll ever encounter. It’s one of the most high-performing, yet comfortable and versatile boats on the market.

Sea Force IX had been dedicated to designing and building the finest performance sports yachts for years. The company delivers a broad spectrum of power yachts including outboard sportsters, fishing machines, and luxury yachts from 41.5 to 131.5, in various styles and fits and finishes. In 2020, a new owner, management, and design team took over the Palmetto factory, and Sea Force Center Consoles was born. SFCC was established to provide an unparalleled experience for everyone, with a variety of unique customer-first ideas.

We want to show you an extraordinary boat by Sea Force Center Consoles, so we spoke with Denison yacht brokers Max Parker, Brian Ragsdale, and Fletcher Daves to learn more about this new construction build. Here are the top 5 features of the Sea Force 510 Center Console and why it needs to be your next boat purchase. Or at least, on your radar.

1. A Fully Enclosed Helm With AC

Don’t mistake the 510CC for a sportfish yacht because it’s a truly unique center console. It features a fully enclosed helm with air conditioning, which makes cruising to the fishing grounds in high temperatures or rough conditions more enjoyable. The helm also has large windows on both sides that you can open to let air flow through, so it’s nifty and versatile in that sense.

The helm is equipped with the best helm chairs in the world and is optimized to protect everyone from the elements while underway. The chairs are mounted on gas shocks providing the softest ride on the planet. Your back will thank you. As a bonus, air conditioning blows cold air directly on your back while running 35 knots on a hot day. How’s that for comfort?

2. A Practical Dinette

Just aft of the dual helm chairs is the U-shaped dinette and seating. Her beautiful teak table is one of the best spots on the boat. You can comfortably eat a fish sandwich and enjoy a drink while being in hands reach of the cockpit. You’ll never miss the bite or be out of the action.

3. 360 Degree Fish Fighting Capabilities

When there are 8 people on board and you’re scrambling to reel in a strong fish, it’s helpful to have 360-degree fishing ability on the boat. The 510CC is optimized for fishing as there’s plenty of room to walk around the side decks and the bow.

The versatile set up of this boat means that it’s not only perfect for big game fishing, but also relaxed cruising. Up forward, there’s a contoured lounger on the front of the console, port/starboard bow seating, and a hi/lo table that, when positioned with the included filler cushion makes a large sun pad (or leave the cushion off to use as a casting platform for pitching live bait or jig fishing).

“The Sea Force 510 CC is an excellent platform for canyon fishing, kite fishing, daytime swordfishing, or simply traveling through The Bahamas,” explained Denison yacht broker Brian Ragsdale. “This boat is a hybrid center console that can fish and run fast, but it’s also a comfortable boat with accommodation that’s not found on a typical center console. The boat’s fit and finish is extremely high quality — some of the best I’ve ever seen.”

4. Incredible Performance

Racing to the fishing grounds? This boat is up for the challenge. The speed, economy, and stability stand out on the 510 CC, especially when you fully fathom the sheer size of the boat. It can hold 1,000 gallons of fuel with quad or quint Mercury 450 Race Motors. The 510 can cruise comfortably all day at 36 knots, with an impressive fuel burn of 100 gallons total. This boat is perfect for high-speed trolling, as the bow won’t get too high and it’s consistent with maintaining speed. Approximate fuel burn: 30 knots @ 72 gallons/hour. 34-36 knots @ 100 gallons/hour.

5. Impressive Accommodations

Center consoles aren’t known for having stellar accommodation, but the Sea Force 510 CC is breaking barriers. It has a full galley and ensuite shower and head, plus it can comfortably sleep 6 guests in 2 cabins. Need more room? It can sleep 2 more guests in the helm area. The 510 has a U-Lounge with a hi/lo table behind the helm chairs. The table has a filler cushion to make it flush with the rest of the U-Lounge and provide a space to sleep.

6. An Array of Standard Features

We’ve used the word versatile a lot when talking about the 510 CC, but it’s such an important feature that we can’t help but be enthusiastic about it. The helm, interior layout, forward seating and set up make this a well-rounded and high performing boat. It also comes standard with a Seakeeper to prevent roll, which is not usually found on boats of this size.

The owner of Sea Force Center Consoles is an avid boater and fisherman, so everything that’s going into the boat is a result of his experiences in boating and learning what works and what doesn’t work. Sea Force boats are intended to be as technologically advanced as possible — each component allows for remote access so that they can log into a boat if you’re having an issue. This feature allows the company to immediately diagnose issues and get parts moving quickly to eliminate downtime. Sea Force IX ensures that each component is durable, dependable, and installed so that it is easily accessible and serviceable.

Who is this boat perfect for?

This boat is perfect for anyone who wants to chase fish far offshore or island-hop with family. It was designed and is being billed as a “hybrid” center console for several reasons. While it was mainly intended to refer to the hull bottom combining the benefits of stepped and non-stepped hulls, it also applies to determining whether it’s a fishing boat or a cruising boat. That determination is up to the individual user and what they feel like doing at any given time, but the boat is built and outfitted to easily accomplish both (and more).

“It’s the perfect boat for those moving up from big center consoles, but don’t want to make the jump to a sportfish or sportfish express. It’s also perfect for people who have a large motor yacht as it can act as a tender for a mother ship program,” explained Denison yacht broker Fletcher Daves. “It’s also perfect for those who are coming down from a sportfish to a center console because you get all benefits of a sportfish and center console combined in this boat.”

Where are you going to use it?

Grab your friends and run to the islands to do some fishing before finding a spot to pull up and have lunch. Then spend the afternoon filling up one (or more) of the fish boxes, before heading home to cook the catch of the day for dinner. Don’t worry about rushing home — aside from the standard included 600 lb/day ice maker, the cockpit fish boxes are equipped with “insta-freezers” — they’re coil wrapped and insulated with compressors that allow for temperature adjustments from 50 degrees down to -2 degrees at the push of a button.

“Sea Force Center Consoles will make a huge impact in the center consoles and sportfish markets,” said Denison yacht broker Max Parker. “Having the performance and speed of a center console, and the comfort and luxury of a sportfish combined into one truly separates these boats from any other. No one has perfected it until Sea Force CC.”

The Sea Force 510 Center Console is a new construction build available for order. Contact Denison yacht brokers Max Parker, Fletcher Daves, Brian Ragsdale, or Mike Burke to inquire about this boat.

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