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Palm Beach Boat Show 2021 Day 3 Recap

Marina Nazario | March 27, 2021

Saturday, March 27, 2021 | Building a Perfect Boat With Sea Force

Day 3 was another sunny and cloudless day in West Palm Beach, and the crowd and energy of PBIBS 2021 continued to be enthusiastic. Attendees flocked the docks at 10 am and continued until 7 pm. (Believe it or not, we even saw a pig at the show!) The docks stayed filled all day as guests were excited to scope out more yachts, boats, and merchandise.

Among the popular new boats at the show is the Sea Force 510, which is for sale with Denison Yachting. This is the type of boat that you look at and thing, I wish I could take that for a ride right now. Mark Calzaretta, owner of Sea Force 510 Center Console, designed and built his perfect boat. It’s a hybrid sportfish, center console, and express cruiser that takes you further and faster than other boats of her size.

We already know the game-changing innovations on the Sea Force 510, so we sat down with Mark to dive deeper into building a perfect boat.

Denison Yachting: There are plenty of stand-out features on this boat, but what’s one game-changing innovation that you’ll never be able to live without going forward?

Mark: For me, I like the concept of the semi-enclosed helm on the center console. That makes a big difference. Also, this boat has thermostatic control, which you can access from your control panels or from your phone. The Sea Force 510 has vessel system integration (VSI) so you can run this boat remotely — you can turn everything on and get the boat ready when you’re still packing for a trip.

Denison Yachting: If you could add anything else to this boat, what would it be?

Mark: I would add 4 x 600 Mercury engines.

Denison Yachting: What will your next perfect boat look like?

Mark: It’s going to look like this, but we’re going to keep tweaking the design based on customer feedback. We’ll always listen to our customers and they will always drive the bus on where we go and what we do next. We’re really big on customer feedback and implementing the wants and needs where it makes sense.

Denison Yachting: Why should someone be interested in this boat if they’re not a serious fisherman?

Mark: Because it’s just as comfortable as a cruiser but the difference is that it’s built to withstand stuff that the cruisers just can’t. It’s safe and the ride is exceptional. What’s funny is that my wife wasn’t all that involved in the design process for this boat, and when the boat showed up, she said, “This is the first boat you’ve ever had that’s not a fishing boat!” And I was like, “This is the best fishing boat I’ve ever had in my life!” So I think that sums it up — some people will look at this boat and say “That’s not even a fishing boat!” And to me, that’s a compliment. The Sea Force 510 is versatile.

Tour the new Sea Force 510 Center Console on Dock 5 at the Palm Beach Boat Show. Say hi to Mark and learn about how to customize your next beast of a center console. After the tour, check out the rest of the show such as the Aquazone, kids fishing clinic, and 100+ vendors serving everything from wood-fired pizza to marine merchandise. Purchase tickets to the show here and schedule a tour with Denison Yachting. The last and final day of the 2021 Palm Beach Boat Show starts at 10 am. See you on Dock 5!

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