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Jeff Bezos Reportedly Building A 127-Meter Sailing Yacht

Marina Nazario | May 14, 2021

Bezos’ New Yacht Costs An Estimated $500 Million.

Jeff Bezos makes headlines quite frequently, but this week, it’s for boating news. Bloomberg reports that Bezos is the owner of a new construction yacht called Project Y721, a 417-foot luxury vessel built by Oceanco.

Details about the project are still under wraps, but it’s reported that the yacht boasts three masts and several decks. While no official images have been released, we’re thinking it’s something similar to one of the largest yachts in the world, SAILING YACHT A.

Bezos’ new yacht is estimated to be upwards of $500 million. A chunk of change from his $200 billion net worth. His new yacht ranks among the most expensive boats in the world. Topping the list is 531-foot ECLIPSE, currently valued at $1.2 billion and the third largest yacht in the world. It’s owned by Russian businessman Roman Abramovich.

Sailing Yacht A

It’s not uncommon for the ultra-high net worth, like Bezos, to own a yacht. But the caveat to this new construction project that’s making headlines (and jokes) is that because of the sailing masts, his yacht can’t support a helipad. So he also commissioned a second support yacht that can accommodate a helicopter landing.

As we read in the first issue of FRANK magazine, we know, a support vessel to a mothership is not uncommon. There’s even a season for it in the Great Barrier Reef — the best time of year for fishing giant black marlin. Yet news of his superyacht needing a smaller yacht is the butt of many jokes that we can’t help but laugh at.

“The founder of Amazon is reportedly building a $500 million superyacht that is so big, it requires a support yacht to travel with it. This is like the billionaire version of having a second fridge in your garage.” – Jimmy Kimmel

“Truth is, Bezos didn’t really need the support yacht, but Amazon did one of these upsells where they go, ‘People who buy this, also buy this.’” – James Corden

“Today, we learned that Bezos will soon receive delivery of a $500 million megayacht. Don’t know exactly when it will be delivered, but we do know it will come in a much bigger box.” – Stephen Colbert

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Availability of funds and rising demand for yachts resulted in brokers experiencing a strong Q1 at Denison Yachting. Bob Denison spoke with Boat International to explain that yachting’s competitive industries, such as skiing and higher-end vacation experiences like cruises, are still being affected by extended lockdowns, which have created a special opportunity for the yachting industry.

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