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Buy A New Boat & Defer Ownership Costs With Charter

Marina Nazario | May 14, 2021

How To Place Your New Boat Into A Charter Management Program

Close your eyes and think about your perfect Saturday afternoon. Are you with family? Are you enjoying a sunny day? Okay, now picture this — you’re sailing the teal blue waters of Miami on a 48-foot catamaran enjoying the salty breeze and time on the water. Zip back to reality. That was fun, right?

The boat and yacht charter business in Miami is booming. People are excited to get on the water for an exclusive outdoor activity. As a renter, you get a fun itinerary, excellent hospitality by a captain and crew, and time spent with family and friends. As the boat owner, you’re offered a convenient way to maintain your boat and earn back money when you’re not using it. No wonder it’s a booming business.

We’re spotlighting Beeyond Boats, a luxury yacht rental company in Miami that provides owners with a unique chartering service and renters with a luxury experience. We’re also highlighting the Excess 15, a 48-foot spacious catamaran that’s perfect for charter. Here’s how to place your new boat into an ideal charter program in South Florida.

A Charter Management Company That Works For You

A quick Google search for “Miami yacht charters” results in an overwhelming number of boat charter companies (a seriously booming business.) As an owner, it’s tough to find a charter management program that aligns with your expectations. Most companies offer a fixed service that’s not always in your favor. Beeyond Boats noticed this problem and stepped in to offer a tailored charter program for owners.  

Beeyond Boats is not a one-size-fits-all type of company. They accommodate owners on an individual basis with a goal to mold the charter service for what’s best for both the boat owner and the clients. If you’re an owner who wants to be hands-off in the chartering process with the option to use your boat on certain days, Beeyond Boats can accommodate. If you’d rather be more involved in the charter process, you have that option as well. Beeyond Boats offers day charters or term charters depending on the owner’s preference, then prices the yacht accordingly.

“Some owners want us to handle everything from locating the crew, pricing the charters, managing the charter calendar, choosing the best marina for their vessel, assisting with incorporating the company, and more,” said CEO and Co-Founder of Beeyond Boats, Zev Kanter. “Others want to handle 90% of it and just want us to manage their charter calendar and bring the demand to the yacht to make money. We are open to both types of relationships.”

Beeyond Boats reports that, on average, it can earn the owner back the money that was spent on the yacht within 6-8 years — of course, variables may affect that estimate including location, crew, and condition of the boat.

“The upside to new boats is that there is a market for those who truly want newer boat charters,” said Zev. “Depending on the specific owner, if priced right, it could be very lucrative.”

Another upside as an owner who charters their yacht is the possibility of tax benefits by operating the boat as a business. Zev makes sure to go over these points when onboarding new owners and takes steps to mitigate risk when it comes to liability. With that being said, it’s a seamless process for an owner to enter Beeyond Boats’ charter fleet, starting with a call, goal setting, contract, and yacht profile on the website. Then it’s ready to host guest for charter.

Beeyond Boats accommodates yacht rentals in Miami (including Fowey Rocks, Haulover Sandbar, and Key Biscayne), Bahamas, and Florida Keys.

The Excess 15 Is The Perfect Boat To Charter In Miami

A new boat is ideal for a charter program because it’s more marketable, operates more bookings, and earns more revenue. The Excess brand, specifically the new Excess 15, is the perfect catamaran for sailing in South Florida and the Caribbean. She features aft helm stations that create a more integrated social experience for the crew and guests, smoother steering, and outstanding visibility on all points of sail.

The Excess 15 has a massive cockpit with a retractable sunshade that provides flexibility for comfort in all conditions. She boasts a contemporary interior that’s bright and open with high-quality materials and a sophisticated look. This 48-foot performance catamaran offers space, luxury, and comfort, which upgrades the sailing experience for owners and charter guests.

Charter management in South Florida is an ideal solution for an absentee owner (lookin’ at you, snowbirds). The boat will be professionally managed and maintained while the owner is away — yet available and ready to enjoy upon return when using a charter management company like Beeyond Boats. Consider placing your new boat (Excess 15, Oceanis 51.1, or Swift Trawler 47) into Beeyond Boat’s charter program. Contact a Denison yacht broker to schedule a showing of a new boat and learn more about how to own a private yacht charter.

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