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3 New Seawind Catamarans for Sale

Marina Nazario | July 26, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Seawind Catamarans3

In 1983, Richard Ward came home from a 3 year Pacific cruise with a bunch of ideas about what would make an ideal cruising boat. He was enthusiastic about developing a multihull that put sailing performance above volume so that sailors don’t get frustrated by the lack of performance after days at sea. Richard Ward founded Seawind Catamarans with modest beginnings and turned it into a successful 35+ year company. He sticks by a simple and effective philosophy: to build safe and well-performing sailing boats.

All Seawind catamarans are engineered for offshore standards. Its name is an acronym for Sails like a real sailboat, Engineered to endure, Anyone can operate, Weather protection at the helm, Indoor/Outdoor living, Natural ventilation, Don’t waste space. Seawinds offer a great balance of comfort and low operational cost while being technically easy for an inexperienced crew to handle.

Denison has 3 new build Seawind Catamarans for sale in San Diego, California. We spoke with yacht broker Kurt Jerman to learn more about these cruisers and share why one of these Seawinds may be your ideal catamaran.

Seawind 1600 Passagemaker

Seawind 1600 Passagemaker

This 52-foot new build Seawind is designed as a purpose-built blue water cruiser. When designing this catamaran, Seawind extended the bow and widened the hulls to create a wave-piercing bow. This allows the boat to have a higher payload capacity that will allow sailors to load the boat with more gear and equipment without sacrificing performance.

This catamaran was engineered so that when it sails through waves, the bows press into the water so that an increased volume proportionately decreases, creating a stabilizing effect. Rather than bouncing over waves, the Seawind 1600 Passagemaker will punch through the swell without having the bows move up and down.

At 52 feet, this catamaran features daggerboards, high aspect rudders, and infused carbon-reinforced construction. A massive cockpit provides room for dual helm stations for improved control of the vessel. The new 1600 Passagemaker will feature a high-class interior design and become the flagship model of the Seawind range.

Seawind 1190

Seawind 1190

This 39-foot new build Seawind Catamaran was developed for sailors searching for a catamaran with optimal performance while maintaining comfort and range. This model is large and light, designed as a true offshore cruising catamaran. Reduced weight and drag, plus 20hp Honda Outboards (standard on the Sport) provide the added benefit of reduced maintenance and associated costs.

Because she’s a new build, you can customize this catamaran with options including shallow depth alarms and sensors, woven vinyl cockpit flooring, or an autopilot remote. A high aspect daggerboard and retractable rudder packaged with a full wardrobe of performance sails make this Seawind 1190 sports cruiser a top-of-the-line vessel.

Seawind 1160 LITE

Seawind 1160 LITE

In 2004, Seawind Catamarans launched the 38-foot Seawind 1160 sporting an innovative design that gained worldwide acclaim for its smart layout, use of space, and short-handed sailing performance. With over 100 Seawind 1160s launched, the design is proven for crossing the world’s largest oceans or chartering in the Whitsundays, Thailand, and the Caribbean. But there’s always room for improvement — the Seawind and Corsair Marine design teams joined forces to offer a new approach to this classic design.

The new Seawind 1160 LITE features the same resin-infused construction, hull, deck, rig, sails, and Trifold door system as the previous Seawind 1160s. But the teams streamlined the design for the 1600 LITE to offer a robust cruising cat at an affordable price.

One of the most noticeable differences on board the Seawind 1160 LITE is the new, sleek interior design. The timber kit is replaced with lightweight and stylish timber-look laminate surfaces and a new contemporary neutral color palette. The upholstery is modern and angular with a choice of hard-wearing Sunbrella fabrics. The layout remains largely unchanged, though the ensuite on the starboard forward cabin is replaced with a walk-in closet and wet locker. The galley is simplified with an upright fridge/freezer and a 3 burner stove, but still offers the same amount of storage with ring lockers, shelving, and cupboard space.

You can set this boat up with electric outboards, daggerboards, and lifting rudders to create the best boat possible for your budget and lifestyle.

Q&A With Denison Yacht Broker Kurt Jerman

What sets Seawind apart from other catamaran brands?

“Seawinds were originally designed for sailors, so they tend to lean more toward the performance side of sailing and not specifically aimed at the charter market. Seawind is a smaller, boutique-type builder and tends to use higher quality materials and construction techniques than other manufacturers. Unique design features have won them numerous awards over their 40 years of catamaran building.”

Why would you recommend Seawind Catamarans to a client?

“These boats have better performance, high-quality construction, and they are really fun to sail!”

What type of sailors (advanced, beginner, family, retired) are Seawind Catamarans perfect for?

“Seawinds are perfect for all levels of sailors. It’s an easy boat to learn on and grow into, but also ready for extended or round the world cruising.”

Seawind sailing catamaran

Seawind’s range of cruising catamarans is designed by Australians to allow couples or families with limited or no cruising experience to safely and comfortably explore bays, coastlines, and islands. Richard Ward and his team follow a simple, successful formula to build the best example of what a bluewater cruising boat should be — allowing anybody to feel safe and at home, regardless of the conditions, for extended time onboard. Contact yacht broker Kurt Jerman to learn more about Seawind Catamarans for sale with Denison Yachting.

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